I was tagged to do this thing by my friend Morgan which I have no idea how to link a person in a post because I’m lame and I’m stilling trying to learn this tumblr stuff x)

ok nvm. but how do you just have their name???

whatever ok here’s the tag

Rule 1: Always post the rules                                                                

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones

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Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

  1. Where do you want to go in the world? 

Um tbh I have no idea. I want to travel the world and find myself. I still have yet to figure out what I want to with my life whether it be staying with music or go act on a stage. I would love to go everywhere and people know my name and know that I hae passion for what I do. Idek if that answered the question.  

     2. What is you favourite colour? why?

I would have to say blue reason why I think its my favourite is because my dad is colour blind and he sees blues, grays, black and white. I find myself seeing more and looking more at the blues than any other colour. Almost every time I see blue in anything around me I always wonder what it would be like to see what my dad sees.

Either that or I just like the colour xD.

     3. Talk about your most favourite childhood memory.

My favourite childhood memory would be when I was about 5 or 6, not quite sure on the age, and my sister brought home the harp for the holiday break so she could practice and anytime that she was in the shower or out with friends or anything away from the harp and could not hear me, I would go over to it and pluck the strings and think I was THE coolest kid ever. I would sit  in the huge piano bench chair and try and reach for the harp and when I got a hold of it I would be so so so scared to lean the harp back because I thought it would fall on me and crush me x) It was the first time I ever touched a harp and  it is one of the many memories that I will always cherish. :)

     4. Why do you “tumblr”?

Because my friend Saul and Morgan got me into it and it has become a place that I can be me and express my likes and loves and meet new internet friends and idk. how do you define tumblr?

    5.Do you want to go to college? why?

Yes, because it will give me a huge opportunity to play and audition at places everywhere and be around people that have the same love for music as I do.  

    6. Talk about music.

Music. Music is everything to me. Music has so many emotions and so many diverse styles that I just fall in love with it. When I need to silence the world I listen to music. When I need encouragement I listen to music. I play it, I listen to it, I live it. And it could be any style at all. From classical to punk rock. Jazz to celtic. I’m going to stop right here before this turns into my appreciation for music post.

    7. Who is your best friend? why?

I don’t just have one I have many. The Orchestra, the Band and the Theatre. ( I also have some in Choir but in not in that sooooo) Every one of them are special in every way to me and I don’t know how I would live without them. We are all super close and tbh they are all I hang out and talk to. There's people I can be super personal with and there are people that I am the person they come and talk to for help with anything and I am truly blessed to have them all in my life.  

    8. Do you like nutella?

duh, of course, who doesn’t?

    9. Are you internet friendships the same as real life friendships?

Um I think they are just because I mean we don’t talk about anything different? when ’m talking to my friends of the interwebs it pretty much feels the same except the person in not right there in front of you. I mean it suck sometimes when you want to hang out with an internet friend but they live in the Australia or something but other than that, I feel like they aren’t pretty close to being the same.

    10.Do you play any instruments? what are they?

oh go here we go.

Piano, harp, violin, cello, double bass, guitar ( acoustic, electric, and classical) bass, drums, French horn, cornet/ trumpet, saxophone, trombone, baritone, tuba ( trombone, tuba, and baritone I don’t realy play that much anymore) accordion. hahha sometimes the ocarina, and a couple more instruments that y'all probably will have no idea what they are because they are more tribal instruments.

    11.Do you like body mods/piercings/tattoos etc.?


my questions:

  1. if you could be any superhero, who would you be? why?
  2. what type of music do you always find yourself listening to?
  3. which do you like the best, the city or the country side?
  4. what is your all time favourite book? why?
  5. if you could meet anyone, who would it be? why?
  6. winter or summer? why?
  7. what do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
  8. who do you look up to?
  9. coffee or tea?
  11. if you could fix just one conflict in the world today, what would it be?