So went to the doctors today at Great Oldman Street to see what im allergic to. I go two epipens which i never really ever want to have to be able to use. So im allergic to two types of tree pollen -______-. I need to stay away from nuts. I also have to wait for the rest of the results to see what else im allergic to. It turns out I may have a rare allergy which only happen when I exercise and have something with wheat in it before , during or after a workout. I might now just stay away from wheat this summer (or what is left of it) as im gonna be exercising a lot need to be fitter! Oh and finally for the first time in my whole life they actually found my vein first time around! Yay!! Now every time someone tries and fails to find my veins I can give them a tip that the lady at the hospital told me. Im over having like 7 needles in me for just a little bit of blood because they are trying to find a vein that is good but they suck so they can’t find one. Im not gonna lie though im kinda odd and like having my blood taken. I really don’t mind needles. I think the fact that they don’t bother me make me like them more. But in all a good day.