Alright. Here's another post on vegans because some people reblogged my post and judged me.

I really do love animals. Just because I eat them doesn’t mean I can’t love them. I’m against the use of fur for fashion, using animals for perfume tests or any other tests. I don’t go out killing pigs and cows for food. I guess you can say I pay people for that, but a lot of people do. 

Most people said that it’s easy to drop meat and become vegan. It’s easier for some people, but I don’t want to stop. It tastes good to me. 

I am for the fair treatment of animals. I want them to live out in the open. I’m against caging animals and it honestly makes me sad to see chickens cooped up and slaughtered. I’m not the one doing it though. 

You may think that you’re being compassionate and a good person, but that’s only in one respect. 

Besides food.. Look at the outfit you have on right now. If it’s made out of cotton, do you know where it came from? There are people exploited all over the world to get the cotton used to make your clothes. I’m almost certain you’re not going to stores looking at the clothes, thinking to yourself “where did this cotton come from?”

So if you want to talk about being humane to animals, lets talk about being humane to humans. There are so many companies, Victoria Secret included, that exploit children in Africa for cotton. On the other hand there are companies that humanely raise meat for human consumption. There are companies that let their animals live cage free while others contain them in small areas.

So before you go on an ignorant rant and judge me for eating meat, take the time to look at your clothes and realize where the cotton comes from. You believe in the humane treatment of animals, but what about other humans?

If you’re wondering “why did he include cotton?”. I did this because some people who replied to my post said I am killing animals. That is false. I may indirectly kill them, but it pains me to know that. 

I play video games, does that make me antisocial?

I post statuses on facebook, does that make me an activist? 

I have a Nikon camera with a fish eye lens, does that make me a photographer? 

So if I consume meat, why would that make me an animal killer. Think. 

Once again, this is to the few people that thought it was ok to judge me because i eat meat.

Tumblr Crushes:

My tumblr crushes are so accurate, I have a giant crush on all of you. But not the girl or whatever in the middle cause i don’t even follow you or anything and your blog sucks so i don’t know why you’re on here. 

animebabexvx-deactivated2012120 asked:

all these people that are hating on you are so narrow minded its not even funny. i dont understand them at all

That’s what happens when they are raised as a generation of mindless idiots. I’ve seen 3 other generations of retards just as stupid and naive as this one, so I’m glad some people, like you, are intelligent and aware.