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Turn up to last night. Best birthday ever. Thank you too everyone who made it possible. #Ferdinand #Alextopia #Cloudertopia #Donneration #QueenAlana #SamBooThang @clouder3 @donnabear17

It may not be as many as you have.
But I want to express my appreciation for each and every one of you!

What I want from my photo edits, and reblogged images, (mostly)
is to convey a psychedelic/ hallucinogenic perception using a vivid pallet of color.
I love color, and I love incorporating a vibrant spectrum with my pictures whenever I make an edit.

Whether 500 followers is a lot, or hardly any at all, I appreciate that 500 different humans, exactly like myself, enjoyed something about my blog enough to follow.

This is one of the first photo edits that I posted on tumblr. It was my first Edit to gain to most activity the fastest. I like to think that my edits have improved along with myself and my blog. But I wouldn’t be able to feel that way if it weren’t for all of you.

So thank you.