These bad bitches work wonders.

They’re less than $5 ($3.70 to be exact) for 3 tubes of it. They’re beyond easy to use and HOLY CRAP GUYS MY HAIR FEELS LIKE ITS HAND SEWN BY GODS WITH SILK THREAD LIKE ITS AMAZING.

Each tube is 1oz and depending on your length you can get 3-6 treatments out of the box. Basically I’ve been in the ocean, pool, bleached, and dyed my hair multiple times this summer. it was pretty damaged. kind of felt like straw. so i use one of these in the shower tonight and jeeeeesus my hair feels wonderful. and you dont have to use conditioner after because this just solves all the problems.

guys. i do not regret buying these. and i wanted to share it with yas because its a wonderful product and i know you guys love hair recommendations. so heres one of my current favorites.