Photo Project: #MyOyster2015

It’s a new year. I’ve got a new website and have stopped focusing on photography as a career. Instead, I’m keeping photography as a hobby for at least this year and I already have some awesome adventures lined up. I’ve got new friends and with them come new ideas. I have even found new phone apps that will help plan shoots months in advance. 

So, what’s in store for this project? A series of photographs that show that the world is my oyster. This etymology of this phrase dates back to Shakespeare, specifically his play “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” The photos are going to be landscapes with myself within them, mostly out in the distance. Much like the following photo from December.

I have all sorts of photos planned and January will be a bunch of location scouting and February will be figuring out the logistics as well as what locations to pursue. I’ll be ecstatic to have 10 photos by the end of the year, one for each month (March-Decemeber) but my goal is for 5.

Check back through the months and year for posts on my progress for this project.