For the third year running, Im participating in Movember. Ive raised over $300 each year passed, lets see what we can do this year. Help kick mens cancers where it hurts and…

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My good friend is participating in the ever popular and lovely Movmber and would greatly appreciate any donations you can offer. 

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Here’s where we’re at with one of the #DragonAge uniforms. Thus one is for @alexsaurusink so it looks silly on my lady dress form. Gonna add embroidery and buttons once I can check the fit on him. Gotta do the wrap and gloves tomorrow! #PAX is too soon! #cosplay #cosplayprogress

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So I’ve been working on sculpting and painting this Mummy Hand for the Harry Potter fan film, The Gathering Storm. I love this sweet baby, I hope he makes it to set safe. I hope the other magical creatures don’t tease him, or call him names…
Keep an eye out! You might find this hand in Professor Bastet’s Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

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Ceci n'est pas un Maire / This is not a Mayor

Today my city’s Mayor, Toronto’s Mayor, admitted to having used cocaine after many months of allegations, police investigations, and relentless denials. This is the same mayor who’s well known for getting drunk around town doing whatever the hell he wants, and going on with zero repercussions, just because he is mayor. Now that video footage of his cocaine use has been confirmed, he has finally admitted this with no intention to step down or seek help and would rather sweep it under the rug and stay on top.

This man is not my Mayor.

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So I teach an arts and crafts class twice a week and thought I’d share some of our Christmas projects with you :)

They’re cheap.
They’re easy.
And, damnit, they’re pretty!

You will need:

  • scissors
  • adhesive or a stapler
  • pretty paper
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  1. You want paper. Stiffer Is better I think, but really anything will do that looks nice. You can use magazine pictures, wrapping paper, left over wall paper is great if you can get it, origami paper, or even just craft paper :)
    Cut it into a square and fold it twice into a triangle shape
  2. Draw some guide lines from the closed edge (the folded edge that does not open).
  3. Cut along these lines. Make sure you don’t cut all the way to the edge.
    Feel free to cut it free hand with out the guidelines or vary line shape or thickness.
  4. Open up your folded wedge and mark every second flap that you cut. Grab the two centre most flaps and pinch them back with your fingers until they over lap in the back making a role. If they can’t touch,  use the next ones out instead.
  5. Pinch those flaps together in the back and glue them. If you don’t have glue or are strapped for time, a stapler or small cut tape work fine too.
  6. Keep folding your flaps forwards and backwards from the centre out until you’re finished. Once it’s all dry you can punch a hole at the top and tie a ribbon on to hang on your tree or from your garlands

Happy Crafting!

– Alexandro