• Torbjorn: What do you think of the new Omnic?
  • Zarya: Orisa??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of Orisa spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Orisa scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

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Hi!!! Can I please get Lucio, Junkrat, Zarya, Zenyatta, and Tracer, comforting an s/o who is always emotionally exhausted because they stretch themselves too thin trying to solve everyone in the world's problems. I know it's strange, but I have this problem myself and would like some love from my favorites. 0u0

It’s not that strange, my best friend has this exact same problem. Have some love your favs!


- Not the best at stepping back from trying to solve other people’s problems. If he sees something that’s really wrong with the world, he feels compelled to try and fix it

- Seeing how you’re the same way, it would have been one of the things that drew him to you

- But as he sees you exhausting yourself, he forces himself to take a step back and look at his behavior

- Tries to get the two of you to go off and relax a little more often


- Opposite of Lucio, Jamison doesn’t get this mentality at all; he comes from a world where no one helps you but yourself

- Will pick you up and carry you away from any problem he thinks is stressing you out too much

- Which is most of them

- Will cuddle up with you and not let go until you promise that you’re not just gonna go back to that same problem


- She’s all for helping people, but at the cost of your own health (mental or physical)

- Will also carry you away from problems that seem to be bothering you too much

- Often tries to get you to do activities that don’t involve helping people (she drags you to the gym a lot)


- Honestly, probably the one with the best methods for moderation

- Knows you want to help, he loves and admires that about you

- He reminds you that it’s okay to take time for yourself, you can’t solve all the world’s problems and certainly not in a day

- When it gets to be too much, don’t forget to breathe. There are people who are concerned about you too


- Does this woman know how to not be kind and help others? I don’t think so

- Throws herself wholeheartedly into anything that helps people

- Even if you’re both bad at not overexerting yourselves, you both keep an eye on each other and force the other to take some time for themselves

- Of course neither of you will relax unless the other one does as well


Alexsandra Dress

Two versions, long and short with the brown belt. Shout out to @veranka-s4cc for letting me recolor these amazing dresses.

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  • Zarya: Orisa? The OMNIC??? I despise her I - *trips* *thousands of photos of Orisa spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate her i just- *more pictures fall out as she falls to her knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

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WHERE ARE THE LADIES AT?? Could I get that soulmate au thing with some of our overwatch ladies? Plsplspls I'd love u if u included Tracer, Mei & Ana! Thank you!! Luv the blog btw x

Part 3 is here with Symmetra, DVa, and Zarya!

Right here are the ladies part 1 and 2 and the guys parts 1 and 2


- Wants to find her soulmate but is also afraid to

- Even though she believes they’re for the greater good, she’s made some questionable decisions while working for Vishkar

- She finally decides to turn on Vishkar. Overwatch is newly reformed, maybe they can help where governments turn a blind eye

- So she takes information from Vishkar, but there’s a problem: she doesn’t know how to find Overwatch. But she knows who does

- She almost dies of shock when Lucio actually takes her call, and again when he listens and gives her a rendezvous point

- An agent reaches down a hand to pull her into the helicopter, and the world lights up when she takes it

- Both of you look at each while you pull her in, but neither of you say anything. You reach the base and Satya hands off her information and becomes a member of Overwatch

- She wants to find you, but she didn’t see your face, only your bare hand. It’s hard to find someone based on a hand

- “Excuse me,” a voice says and she turns to look at it. “I believe you and I know each other, or at least, we’re supposed to.”


- Half wants to find them, half doesn’t

- Of course she wants to find her soulmate, who doesn’t? But she’s also a celebrity and she’s afraid of her soulmate caring more about that than about her

- One day, she makes a snack run to get some local baked goods she plans on eating during a steam later

- She didn’t expect to collide head on with someone running down the sidewalk because they’re late

- She especially didn’t expect the entire world to have burst into a myriad of colors when she opens her eyes


- Hana is a little dazed by all the colors and barely notices what’s happening until a piece of paper us in her hand and her soulmate us running down the street again

- The paper has a name, a number, and a heart written on it

- When she gets home she texts the number, “Hey, it’s me. When do you get off work? Wanna meet up?”

- It’s not fair, I didn’t think they were going to be so adorable she thinks.

- It’s a few months before you appear on a stream. You bring you a refill of her drink and everybody asks who you are. “Oh, that’s my soulmate, [Name],” she says nonchalantly as her entire fan base (and celebrity tabloids) explode from the news


- Zarya looks for her soulmate wherever she goes, searching for any change in her vision

- It takes years to find them, but she never gives up

- She ends up meeting them the one time she’s not on the lookout

- A little girl comes up to her and asks her for an picture, please, you’re my hero Miss Zarya

- She can’t say no and the two take a selfie together

- That’s when you come up, “I’m sorry I hope my niece didn’t bother you, she’s a great admirer of yours”

- “Of course not! It was my pleasure to meet her! And you too!” she sticks out her hand to shake yours

- You take and both gasp when your vision turns to color. The next moment you’re caught up in a crushing hug

- Your niece is almost as happy at finding your soulmate as you are. She’s even more excited that it’s her hero (she takes credit for you two meeting and she totally deserves it)

Sabe aquele sonho, que você teve um dia, de um futuro infinito com a pessoa que você ama? Da casa que iam ter, com os filhos bajulando vocês, das viagens que planejavam fazer. E de repente, por um simples erro, o pequeno espaço que parecia enorme, por aquele discussão boba que parecia ter solução no dia seguinte quando vocês já estavam mais calmos, sem perceber, o sonho se acaba. Um sempre acaba dando um passo à frente, deixando o passado para trás, pelo menos um pouco dele. Então, você perde o chão, o medo aparece dentro dessa pessoa valente que você pensava que era, e o seu estômago parece dar infinitas voltas dentro de você, causando um inconforto nunca antes sentido, fazendo sua coragem voltar e seu inesperado orgulho sumir, e ir atrás da pessoa que sempre te confortava, e você fez de tudo para trazer ela de volta, e pelo menos, te pareceu suficiente, mas não o bastante para juntar os pedaços e retomarem seus caminhos juntos. E é aí, que seu coração foi partido, você fica arrasado, procurando um só motivo entre tantos que houveram, e conforme você pensa, o tempo passa, e junto cresceu um distanciamento irreconhecível para os dois. Sem saber a saída, você espera o tempo resolver tudo, no seu canto, só esperando algo mudar, mas nada muda além dos dias que se acabam toda hora que você olha no relógio. Já é meia noite, mais um dia já foi. Mas amanhã, amanhã é um outro e novo dia, tudo parece acontecer, mesmo sabendo que se nenhuma mudança ocorrer, no outro dia quem sabe, algo vai acontecer. E alimentando essa esperança por dias, entre os dois lados da história, que vocês vão se tornando completamente estranhos. A sua barba começa a crescer, e ela fica mais linda a cada dia que passa. Você começa a procurar novos hábitos, e ela, procurando sempre uma distração. Cada um sai pro seu lado, vivendo suas respectivas vidas, conhecendo novas pessoas, até que um dia você descobre que a tal pessoa que você queria ter um futuro junto, que era o amor da sua vida, acabou neste tempo, conhecendo outra pessoa. E é aí, que o seu coração se parte de novo, o estômago se embrulha, a raiva se acumula, o sangue ferve, as esperanças se acabam e você percebe, que saudade demais atrapalha. Enquanto foi só saudade era tempo, mas saudade demais, não trás ninguém de volta, apenas significa um espaço entre duas pessoas que se amam e acham que nada mais tem solução. A não ser, mostrar que você parecia bem sem ela, se divertida mais, saia mais, ria mais, vivia mais. No meio de toda essa competição, um levou medalha de bronze e o outro, de prata, porque mesmo estando com uma outra pessoa, dando grandes passos à frente, o seu maior inimigo sempre vai ser a memória, aquela na qual, não se apaga nem depois da décima dose de vodka, e nem depois de acordar pela primeira vez sem pensar nela ao levantar da cama. E você vai compreender que mesmo daqui 50 anos, alguém vai falar o nome dela, e você ainda vai saber quem é. O amor, é quem nem um elástico, o primeiro a soltar sempre machuca o outro, e mesmo que essa pessoa faça parte do seu passado, de alguma maneira você sempre vai sentir falta dela. Agora, aprenda a conviver com isso, ninguém morre de amor, levanta seu corpo da cama, enterra a preguiça, esqueça a solidão, vá viver a vida, dias melhores estão por vir. Você ainda precisa conseguir sua medalha de ouro.
—  Alexsandra Zulpo