it’s summer which means i have absolutely nothing to do so i decided to finally do my first follow forever! i didn’t reach a special number of followers or anything, i just wanna show how much i love these blogs! (i’ll tag some sideblogs as well even though i know it’s you lmao) ❤❤

  • italics - super cool people 🙈
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@alexanderismybaby / @alexhelders / @alexquiff / @alexrumine / @alexsnipples / @alexturnerers / @alexturnerishot / @alexturnter / @alexturver / @alextwatner / @alixturner / @angles2011 / @araabella / @arabellamys / @arctic-sheffield / @arcticfuckery / @arcticmonkeysaf / @arcticmonkeysbr / @arcticmunkeez / @arcticrascals / @arcticsons / @armpitmonkeys / @articlemokneys / @astolensweetheart / @awellhydratedturner / @badhabitsvevo / @baleclava / @birdcagesanddemons / @black-eye-friday / @blackqlant / @bonerism / @calmlikemilex / @caughtupinthecrossfire / @coopershangover / @crowded-of-badasses / @crxing-lightning


@damealbarn / @dance-little-turner / @disfordancefloor / @drcned / @dreamsynopisis / @florakinesis / @fuckyeahthedeathramps / @fwn07 / @fwns / @fyeahmilex / @getonyourkneesocks / @ghostcookie0114 / @gloomy-afternoon / @goandgetemtiger / @hard2explain / @haywardyoungjustin / @heartbreakhotelsuite505 / @here-we-fookin-go / @imnothekindofool / @joiningdots / @julescas / @kaneandturner / @koenigofficial / @letsgetlosts


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(◕‿◕✿) FOLLOW FOREVER YEY!!! (◕‿◕✿) idk why i’m doing this, but it has been a long time since my last follow forever, and i haven’t reached any goal but i’m doing it anyway cuz i love my followers. (it’s going to be a little one cause i’m tired/lazy lol)

my biggest crushes

wolfford - hoodizzy - stop-breathing-and-think - paraleast - tylerposery - curlssandbeanies

my crushes

scotsmcall - narrykillers - alex-tuna - hoechlinteeth - hobriens - prettiestcaptain - kwanghale - wakeupstiles - hollandoroden - dylanonbrain - alexturnerisababe - casfucker - ohsterek - tylerhobriens - theonlyreasom - dylanobrizen - thirstyforobrien - obrojobs - hoechlinth - obrienosaur - hoechlin-obrien - zainclaw - devildoll - beaconchills - allhalestilinski - hellasterek - coltnposey - bangstilinski - neptunepirate - justsmilestuffhappens - blaineswolf - alphalewolf - sinyhale - haletostilinski - fuckderekhale - tacoposey - hoechlder - dylanobrien - turnerandcook - obrozey - wolfsbanepunch - itsthewanted - warzns - storrans - sivakaneswaren - clemminqs - d-e-s-t-i-n-e - slutnathan - frenchlovetw - fuckmegoodtw - thisisnotgannalastforever - poshparker - nathansykos - jensenskryptonite - lovemelikethatsongontheradio - thenemeton - kirayukimura - fly-sykes - scottiles - alexturnerswife - turrneralex - slutjensen - isaaclaehey - tomsenpai - maxthewantd - ashlifornia - seducingnathan - bettwertogether - lukxshemmings - arctikalex - stilesune - jamehcook - heldersofficial - ihatealexturner - metapphors - misha-collins - alexlovesmilex - shipsuicide - alexrumine - emblemur

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these are my favorite blogs, the ones i reblog the most, thanks for being so amazing *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ 

((sorry if i forgot anyone))

So the time has come again for me to make a shitty graphic and praise all of you for being fantastic. Yes, it’s follow forever time. I actually hit 1.5k a week or so ago, but I’ve been super busy so I’m only just getting round to it. As usual, bold names are super fab, and italicised names are people I’d like to get to know better in the future. Thank you for your continued support of this trashy as shit blog. I love you all so much. 


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hiswhispersplitsthemist / helduhrs / icecreamdamon / jakebuggmusic / jonesashcroft / koenigofficial / koisser-daze / littleillusion-machine / luinel-kaya / mattfcknsmith / matt-holdmedown / mileskaneisarabella / mileskanevevo / miss-sheffield / miss-thunderstorms / mnkeybum / most-indignant / noelordie / notmileskane / n-ckomalley / ohmilex / paralysedbygroove / perhapsfuckoffmightbetookind / potionapprotion / prettyvisitorsinthebakery


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I decided to do a little follow forever again!! I love everyone on this list and if i forgot you please tell me so I can add you!!

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/ 505dancingshoes / 505fireside / 60sgirl / 60s-doll / 70sgoddess / 70sgroupie / alex-turners-evil-twin / alexanderismybaby / alexbandguy / alexhandguy / alexhandsometurner / alexrumine / alexsnipples / alexsodark / alexsquiff / alexturner2005 / alexturnerisababe / alexturnerishot / alexturnerswife / alexturnerus / alexturnervk / andrewthepancake / andrewbandguy / andrewvanwynperfect / angel-with-silverwings / antiturner / anythingarcticmonkeys / araabella / arctic-ale / arctic-monkcys / arcticadventuretime / arcticcholos / arcticidiot / arcticmonkeys-news / arcticquiff / arcticsofia / ascarobella / babeimgonnaleaveu / barmaviolets / bequickdear / blocmonkey / bloodfloodofficial / bobbysockss / breakfastat-heartbreakhotel / british-unicorn-tom / casababe / chilipepper-s / cornerstorm / crawling-back-to-alex / crxing-lightning / crying-alex / crying505 /

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Hey guys! So I just hit 1k followers and I wanted to do a follow forever. Honestly, you guys are all so lovely and amazing and you make me so happy. Thank you for sticking around with me this far! AND THANK YOU FOR TOLERATING ME. The people in bold are my friends and favorite blogs! Thanks so much again!!


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I reached 6k followers a couple of days ago and I thought it was time for a new follow forever! All of these blogs are my favorite ones, I see them a lot on my dashboard and their gifs, edits, posts and everything else are amazing! plus the people behind all of this blogs is really sweet, nice and awesome! I love them all, and they have an special place in my heart <3<3. I’m following a lot of people, so sorry if I forgot to add you, I still love you and you’re awesome too! Remember that I’m here if you need someone to talk to or if you need my help :).


505dancingshoes/ 505fireside


alexsnipples (BFF <3)/ alexturnr/ artemou/ arcticmonkeysmileskane/ alexrumine/ alexsodark/ arctic-alex-t/ arctic-sheffield/ alexturneriwantyouhard/ arcticrascals/ alexturnerswife/ alexturnerisababe/ animals-ontv/ alexturnerishot/ alexhandsometurner/ a–piece-of-everything/ arcticmomkiss/ alexturnerssidehoe/ arcticmalarky/ arcticmonkseys/ alextwatner/ alexturnersmuse/ alexsarms/ alexturnerisadork/ arcticrachael/ alexturnervk/ arcticmonkeysus/ arcticmoncries/ alexhelders/ arcticcholos/ arabellastorm/ alex-fricking-turner/ alexanderismybaby/ alex-bamf-guy/ antiturner/ alqxturner/ arcticcmonkeys/ arctickoalas/ alex-turners-evil-twin/ alexturnerismyrockgod/ alex-and-miles/ alexturnerrss/ arcticmunkeez/ arscticmonkeys/ almonds-can-fuck-off/ araeella/ araabella/ alexturner2005/ arcticfuckery/ alexandcasablancas/ arcticthebandguy/ acertainalexturner/ aboutarcticmonkeys/ articlemokneys/ arcticmonkeysaf/ alexsquiff/ alex-turner-is-god/ alexfxckingturner/ alexturnerers/ arcticlovlies/ alexturnerspam/ alexturnerersarchive/ alexturnerrofficial/ agilebeest/ alexachung


bipow/ barelylegaly/ barely-not-illegal/ breakfastat-heartbreakhotelbreakfast-atthe-heartbreak-hotel/ chung-alexa/ crowded-of-badasses/ cornerstorm/ cornerstonc/ contravevo/ casababe/ cuntturner/ comfortablyenjjoythesilence/ disfordancefloor/ dancelittleturner/ disfordianeyoungdarkhair-greeneyes/ darkhalfblue/ dance-little-illusion-machine/ drunkalexx


eviltwinofarabella/ fake-tales-of–arabella/ fluorescentkneesocks/ fwn07/ fake-tales-of-arabella/ fkatwg/ fosterthestrokedmonkeys/ fuckyeahthedeathramps/ freshprincesofsheffield/ fake-tales-of-yorkshire/ frigidmonkeys/ fuckingmileskane/ fuseisfiresideus/ fusefireside/ fabrizio2008/ fabulousanimals/ fakealxturner/ fyeahmilex/ favouriteworstnightmareworld/ fuck-off-is-too-kind/ faketalesofla/ heldersvevo/ humbug-alex/ hhiley/ heckyeaharcticmonkeys/ humbuggers/ humbugh/ humbuh/ hiswhispersplitsthemist/ highgreenturner/ heartbreakhotelsuite505/ humbugvevo/ hearttbreak-hotel


ilovearcticmonkeysandthestrokes/ iheartarcticmonkeys/ indie-asfuck/ ihatealexturner/ ineedthedeepend/ ineedsomeonewhounderstands/ im-a-rock-drummer/ jamiecoook/ jamehcookeh/ justarctic/ justmumfording/ kathrov/ livefastdiechung/ love-a-front-man/ leather-jacket-and-a-quiff/ loonierismluinel-kayamonkeys-humbug/ mileskanevevo/ monsieurturner/ miss-sheffield/ mumfordjpg/ matthewhelderz/ mardy-arabella/ mybrbie/ mattheldwrs


northernfolks/ no-malley/ ostwlck/ orpneus/ obriers/ oldyellowbricks/ oldyellowdorothy/ ohmyomalley/ omalleyisgod/ potionapprotion/ potionhasapproached/ propellerspinnerplacebojunkie23/ pestered/ quiffalex/ robot-from1984/ sweggieveggie/ sexy-little-fuck/ secrtdoor/ suckitandzee/ suckithumbug/ speculationspectrum/ sad-arctic-monkey/ snakedrive/ s-himmertrap/ sshes-thunderstorms/ shesthunderstrms


thesameshite/ the-mammon-tree/ teddiepickers/ turnerislove/ turnerandcasablancas/ therushofbloodthejewellerhands/ turnblancas/ turnercute/ turnerismine/ thelastdeathramps/ turner-fever/ thatmonkeyalexturners-quiff/ thurnerstorms/ the-next-arabella/ turnerareas/ thevampyreofthestoneage/ uhmbug/ urkillingmealexturner/ urfwnvelvetdesert9/ viewfromtheritztotherubblewhenthezeros/ wrappedinagasp/ wampyveeks/ wonderwall-arabellawankmonkeys/ xelarenrut/ yesbutalexturner


hello everyone! first of all, i didn’t know what to do for this ff so i ended up doing this shitty edit. so recently i’ve reached 2k followers, something that i never thought i’d reach. and christmas is almost here so i’m doing a follow forever to ‘celebrate’. the blogs i’m putting here are my favs, which is basically almost everyone that i follow, the ones that i really appreciate with all my heart (not necessarily the ones that follow me back bc honestly i don’t care about this i just like to follow nice people with cool blogs). so yeah merry christmas and stuff, i’m terrible at this. love you all :)

major babes

huckbass​ - wolfford​ - blacktreaccle​ - disfordancefloor​ - stop-breathing-and-think

you guys are incredible, thanks for helping me whenever i need, talking to me, having awesome blogs and basically being the amazing human beings that you guys are. shoutout to elisa aka huckbass for sitting right beside me on her first day of school in first grade and after eight years we’re still friends, love you so much!


A - C

alexsbandguy - alextunrer - alexturnerers - alexturnerisababe - alexturnerisababe - ashlifornia - arctic-wankies - alexturnerswife - alexhandsometurner - alphahel​ - alexrumine - arcticsmonkeygifs​ - ashtraction​ - allhalestilinski​ - blondosonichellcat - babeyouresodark - beaconchills - bangstilinski - bettwertogether​ - coltonsdylan - cornerstonc - casfucker - coltnposey - crotchashton - cvlhood - casxiel​ - curlssandbeanies

D - G

dance-little-turner - diectorwho - dylanobrien - deathamps - dynobrien - dylanonbrain - deanwinchestergifs - dylanobrizen - dandehaane - demonlordlouis - devildoll - effingstiles - essosed - fromalextoturner - fall- - frenchlovetw - fuckinghumbug - festiveturner - fly-sykes​ - foxygens​ - fuckingdylanobrien - gladerboyfriends

H - L

humbuh - hellasterek - halewinchester - hoechloin - haletostilinski - heartbreakhotelsuite505 - hoechlinth - hotcalumale - hoechlined - highclass-rockets - hellahobrien - heroderekhale - hairyderek - hoechlder - ihatealexturner - itsclemmings - im1989af - inacatastrophicmind - ihatejuliancasablancass - iangayilagher - jamiecooking - jaredpodalecki - jamehcook - jensenscollins - justsmilestuffhappens -  jensenskryptonite - jinglejayrock - jaybeers - lordemusicals - l505l - lukehcmmings - lemondropsonice - lanaserenade - lukxshemmings

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wankmonkeys - warzns - wendigo - wolfsbanepunch - wolfspirals - wintersoldierr - wantedcliffords - wiccastiles - winds-of–fortune - werebohen - wnchesters - zainclaw - zacharyabls - zambonirider

thanks for being awesome and having amazing blogs. you guys make this website a better place (even with all these pointless updates etc). please never stop posting or reblogging or whatever you do, cause you’re doing a great job and i love you.

i’m sorry if i forgot anyone, i started doing this at 2 am and just finished now. merry christmas everyone, i hope next year is a great year for you, and whenever you need to talk or complain or fangirl about something i’ll be here :) 

Hi everyone! I have just hit 15k followers and I wanted to thank you all for following me. I would have never thought I’d get so many followers, you know, that’s awesome! I’m so glad I’ve virtually met so many Arctic Monkeys fans. I’m not good with thank yous but that’s what I’m trying to say. So, here’s a list of my following and I recommend you to follow them all because they’re all incredible. The ones I’ve bolded are my fav.








sabertoothed-multiball-confusion • tightredpants turnerdamagesughfabmorettiwhatisanezra



•always post the rules
•answer the questions from the person who tagged you
•write 11 new ones
•tag 11 people and link them in the post

I was tagged by fuckingalexturner lol

1. Top 3 favorite bands? 

  • the virgins
  • arctic monkeys
  • drowners or stone roses 

2. If you could have any super power what would it be? erm flying hello???
3. Dream job? that person that’s on ttour buses w bands and is like their mothers lol
4. One unpopular opinion about anything? churrosand tanning are overrated
5. All time favorite film? spike island or the double
6. All time favorite song? New England // Billy Bragg
7. Favorite pastime? erm blogging anf watching suits
8. Indoors or outdoors? indoors
9. Your motto? You’re never going to win big if you only look to minimize your losses

10. Which city/country would you like to live in? Australia

11. First rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club

My Questions:

  1. last person you hugged?
  2. last person you said ‘i love you’ to, did you mean it?
  3. black or white?
  4. least favourite band?
  5. hottest woman on earth?
  6. are you a feminist?
  7. ^why or why not?
  8. fave blogs?
  9. fave song of 2006?
  10. any siblings?
  11. last text u sent?

I tag blogofrequirement, casablancarze, alexrumine and i cba to tag anymore lol bye 

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii i reached 2k so here’s my follow forever do i need to explain something i think everyone knows how it works right bye

**special shout out** 

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I recently reached 3,5k followers, thank you soo much!!! *_*

All of the blogs I’m following are AMAZING AND WONDERFUL but these ones are the blogs that I most see on my dashboard, my favorite ones, my friends, blogs with crazy, rad, posts and tags or the blogs I’m always reblogging from. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! you mean so much to me, please keep your existence! :D <3<3<3

505dancingshoes 505fireside

A: a–piece-of-everything aboutarcticmonkeys alex-and-alexa alex-fricking-turner alex-tuna alex-turner-4ever alex-turners-quiff alexanderdavidturners alexanderdavidt alexanderfuckingturner alexanderismybaby alexcutiepieturner alexrumine alextunrer agilebeastie acrobatcblood alexhandsometurner alexsthunderstorms alexturnerishot alexturneriwantyouhard alexturnersmuse alexturnerssidehoe alexturnersvacuumcleaner alexturnerswife alexturnervk allyourstoriesarestale alqxturner antiturner araabella arctic-monkeys-alexx arctic-wankies arcticmonkeysmileskane arctikalex arcticmonkeysus arcticmunkeez arcticwankies artemou aubrgine alextur-ner alextwatner arcticspookeys arcticmonkqys aftershaveocaens

B-E: babyhaimyours babeyouresodark barely-not-illegal bemyhumbug blacktreaccle blondosonichellcat booeh-call breakfastat-heartbreakhotel brick-by-piledriver chung-alexa collar-popped-like-antenna crowded-of-badasses contravevo dancelittlearabella disfordancefloor dansingshoes eviltwinofarabella ezzieforprezzie et-si-ce-soir 

F-I: fake-tales-of–arabella fake-tales-of-yorkshire fake-tales-of-alex-turner fallingpanicingmonkeys floralalex fosterthearcticmonkeys fosterthestrokedmonkeys fuckingalexturner fuckyeahthedeathramps fuseisfiresideus gourleys havok-and-turner hellkatspangledshalalala humbug-alex humbuggers humbugprincess humbuh hummbuggie heldeers humbughairs ihatealexturner ihatejuliancasablancass iheartarcticmonkeys ilovearcticmonkeysandthestrokes im-a-rock-drummer image-of-you-and-i imarock-drummer iwantabrickbybrick

J-O: jamiecooking jamiecoook jewelershands john-turner-love juliancasssablancas kathrov koenigofficial kawaiimileskane leather-jacket-and-a-quiff lightningmonkey livefastdiechung looking-pretty-suspicious luinel-kaya laughtersassasin m-e-o-w-o-e-m mardyumm mardy-arabella mattheldersjpg mattheldersmum matthewhelderz milescandykane mileskanevevo milesmonkey monkeysontheweekend mrsalexturnerlover mz–kennedy nickomalleh northernfolks officialkoeing ohmalleh ohmyomalley oldyellobricks

P-Y: perhapsarcticmonkeys petrovask pilcdriverwaltz piledriverwaltzs placebojunkie23 propellerspinner puurrdy-visitors princeonce r-u-alex recklesskneesocks robot-from1984 secrtdoor seducemewithyourmathskills shesthunderstormers snakedrive sshes-thunderstorms strokingthemonkeys suckitandhelders super-cool-fire-ponies super-heroj sweggieveggie suckithumbug sexy-lil-swine teddiepickers temp1es theccure thehipwaffle therushofblood thundrestorms tinyalexturner tinymobboss turneralex turner-omalley-helders-cook turnerandcasablancas turnerandcook turnerofficial turrneralex twoandahalfkittens ughfabmoretti uhmbug unstable-wonderland urkillingmealexturner velvetdesert9 wankmonkeys wonderwall-arabella ya-hey-hudson yourthunderstorms youalexturnermeon youresodarkticmonkeys 

Sorry if I forgot to mention you, some blogs changed their url and I couldn’t find them, but please let me know and I will add you :)

hello everyone, i’ve finally reached 1k followers so i decided that it is time to do a follow forever to celebrate this, big big thank you to everyone who follows me and appreciate what i do and what i blog about (look at the banner, it took me FOREVER to do it, so make sure to tell me what u think about it ahah)

now, here’s the list of ALL the people that makes my life better everyday, really, i love you all, you’re the best, so thank you very very much, i’m italicising people that are very special so YEAH and i’m bolding the people that i see on my dash a lot who seem cool and i would like to know better(even the one that are not bolded are invited to come and talk to me) and sorry if i’ve missed anyone !


505dancingshoes 505fireside 505-old-yellow-bricks


adancinglittleliar alexturnerspam alexturnerswife astolensweetheart alexachung alexrumine alexturnerers arcticmonkeysphile araabella alexquiff alexturplanos allyourstoriesarestale arcticquiff alexturnerishot alexturner2005 articlemokneys alextwatner alexnotturner arcticmunkeez arctic-feverr alexhelders arcticmonkeysno alexturnerisadork arty-monkeys alexismyqueen arcticmuser alexturnersmuse alex-fricking-turner arcticfuckery arctic-ale arcticmonkeysaf arcticmonkese alexhandguy arctic-sheffield alexthebandguy alex-turners-evil-twin alexsnipples angelpicker alexfxckingturner armpitmonkeys arcticrascals


bambithepenguin black-eye-friday barely-not-illegal blowitandsee by-propeller-he-means-dick beserk-as-fuck casablancarze cornerstonedancer cornerstonealex cornerstonc crxing-lightning ci-arabella capecod-arabella crying505 danomalbarn dance-little-turner damonalbarndays david–bowiee disfordancefloor duttihun doiwannasuckturner dickheadturner


ezzyhoenig evil-twin-agile-beast ezzieforprezzie fuckyeahthedeathramps frozen-apes fyeahmilex fookinhell-its-turnip fake-tales-of–arabella fluorescent-teddy fluorescent-propeller fuckyeahflorencewelch fluorescentkneesocks freshprinceofbob fluorescentmonkeys french-soul fuck-off-is-too-kind fragile–beast fuseisfiresideus freshprincesofsheffield fluorescentpuppet fireside505 firesidepartyanthem goghrillaz goinbacktofiveofive heartbreakhotelsuite505 humbuh heldersvevo homesickcocoon


icecreamdamon imnothekindofool imqueenofdisaster im-a-rock-drummer isawyouinthecornerstone invoicemeforthemicrophone jamiecoook juliancasablankiss jamiecooking koenigofficial lickmytrash lzeofthewrld laffy-taffy-labia miserableliltyke monsieurturner nerdturner nofriendsinsheffield 


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sexy-little-fuck sardybum sweggieveggie stelladust suckithumbug shes-brianstorms sias2011 sheridanhope soismellwatermelon sshes-thunderstorms stuckonaturner strokemycasablanca turnah themodandtherocker teddiepickers thejewellerhands thestrokesmakemewannafuckingcry thehellcat-spangled-shalalala turnerdanceco turnercute the-prettiest-visitor the–chungle trashqueen2015  thankstogodarcticmonkeysexists turnerandcasablancas trimmtrabb thisisaurlbytheblackkeys turnerareas thevoidzofficial tedddypickerrr turnerstop thurnerstorms turner-fever tomorrowalbarn uhmbug uhuhhoney  ughticmonkeys ugharcticmonkeys viewfromtheritztotherubble vampireweekynd van-mccann


wulfalice whatever-peoplesay wankmonkeys whotheheckisalexturner whenthezeros youve-arrived-at-505 ztrokes zvoidz

So I hit 2k and I thought I should update my follow forever! I’ve followed more great blogs since then, some URL changes have occurred, etc etc. I probably missed people (especially with all those URL changes) but I tried really hard not to so message me if you think you should be on here/ bolded okay? Love you all :)




aboutarcticmonkeys / alex-tuna / alex-turners-quiffalexhandsometurner / alexrumine / alexxmonkeys / alexturnerisprettierthanyou / alexturnersvacuumcleaner / allyourstoriesarestale / andrewjjohnhurley / annalisah / arctic-wankies / arcticcunt / arcticdemarco / arcticmunkeez / arcticwankies / artemouaubrgine / aviewfromtheriotvan / babyhaimyours / barely-not-illegalblacktreaccle / blondosonichellcat / bowhovian / casababe / cryinglightn1ng / crowded-of-badasses / cxrnerstoned


dance-little-turner / dancelittlemonkey / dancelittleturner / do-i-wanna-know / drownerrs / e-idiot / ego-expectare / eurydicechungs / ezrapissbaby / fabirzio (and her ever changing url) / fake-tales-of–arabella / falloutmxnkeys / favourite-vvorst-nightmare / flowercrown-days / fuck-about-arabella / fuckingalexturner / fuckyeahthedeathramps / fuseisfiresideus 

G- J

gotthat-googliness / havok-and-turner / heartbreakhotelsuite505 / hellacatspangled / hellkatspangledshalalala / homme-is-where-the-heart-is / humbugh / humbuh / hurnansadness / ihatealexturner / ihatejuliancasablancass / insighted / iwantabrickbybrick/ iwantyoudownonallfours / jamiecooking / jdeegrl / je-suisamericainejustinyoung2 

K- O

kngkrule / koenigblancas / leather-jacket-and-a-quiff / lightningmonkey / littleillusion-machine / looking-pretty-suspicious / macchup1cchu / mardyumm / mileskanevevo / musicandshezza / my-mindpalace-is-hogwarts / mycertainromance / nickomalleh / nickomalleycat / no-1-party-anthem / no-ones-faultbutyours / northpole-monkeys / oldyellabricks / oldyellobricks 


patrivkstump / pebbleboi / perhapsfcukoffmightbetookind / phrazes-for-jules / phireside / placebojunkie23 / potion-approaching999 / prettyprettymiscalculations / prayingforcalmerseas / princeonce / queerbianca / robot-from1984 / ronnievjr / s0rrysunshine / sabertoothed-multiball-confusion / samuel-toms / sexy-little-fuck / sirjarviscocker / soupremecy / strokes-at-your-door / strokingthemonkeys / suckitandmeme / suckitandseen / sylviamt

T- Z

teddiepickers / temp1es / theshitshockhorrors (my nemesis) / turnerandcasablancas / turnerandcook / turnermoretti / turnerofficial / turrneralex / undercoverofharkness vaccinesmp3 / velvetdesert9 / whatever-balaclava / withinthemurkywatersdeep / yesalexturner / yourkneesocks / youve-arrived-at-505 / ztrokes



okay so i was going through the blogs i follow and writing down my favs because i wanted to do a follow forever and then i thought i’d upload a pic of it bc why not

i’m very sorry if i forgot to tag u / write ur url down / misspelled ur url pls forgive me  


an-awesome-wavve / alexturnersvacuumcleaner / arcticmonk3y / alexturnersmainhoe / alex-turners-quiff / alexblogguy / arctic-wankies / amazondolphin / arcticwankies / alexhandsometurner / arahella / arcticedmonkeys / allyourstoriesarestale / arcticmonkeysphile / aviewfromtheriotvan / alexhandguy / arctic—kane / alex-tuna / arctic-monkcys / adscripts / arzeticmonkeys / arty-monkeys / arcticmunkeez / arcticgodzilla / alextunrer / alexturnerpls / alexsodark / alexturnerswife / alex-thebandguy / arzeholes / alexrumine / araabella / arcticmonkeysmileskane / arcticbella


blondosonichellcat / babyhaimyours / baiovevo / brynzra / balaaclava / butshesnotnice


capecrud / campingdad / cooldadweekend / cookandomalley / chris-tomson / cloudsitting / cryingarabella / certainromancing / cxrnerstoned / crowded-of-badasses / cherry-blazerr / crying505


dancelittlemonkey / d-is-for-diana


ezrainsweatpants / ezrarella / ezrapissbaby / eviltwinofarabella / ezravibes / ezraspajamas / ehkoenig / eurydicechungs


floralalex / fake-tales-of—arabella / fuckingalexturner / fosterthestrokedmonkeys / fluorescentmgmt / firesidearabella / fake-tales-of-alex-turner / foster-the-platypus / flourescentadolesentbalaclava / freshprincesofsheffield



helders-the-lll / hellkatspangledshalalala / humbugh / horchatarze / hannahthephan / haimpireweekend


its-etiquette-u-idiot / indiebands / iwantalexturnerhard / iwokeupwithastrangetattoo-julia / ihatealexturner



koeings / kevinparkor / kane-turner / kngkrule / kwassakwassasisa / koenig-arze / koenyg


lightningmonkey / looking-pretty-suspicious / littleillusion-machine / lordeella / libertine-dre4m


musicandshezza / macchup1cchu / miss-sheffield / modern-vampires-of-art-history


not-your-honey-pie / nikolai-fraiture


oldyellabricks / officialkoeing / obvioussbicycle / omalleyisgod


phrazes-for-jules/ pretentiousstandbyer / puncrox



rockinhaim / rostxm / royalbloodvevo / recklesshellcat / ronnievjr / robot-from1984 / radolescence


slamdunkoenig / siiias / suckitandseen / sexiestswine / secretdoor-swings / suckitandmeme / strokingthemonkeys / shes-thunderstorms / singanotherfuckingshalalala


thestrrokes / trulygeeky / turnerfrutti / teamvampireweekend / turnerofficial / turrneralex / tightredpants / turnerandcook / thel0rdeclub / theoxfordcommaa


undercoverofharkness / understandingezra / unbaiolievers / ummbug


vampirestrokesmonkey / velvetdesert9


wankmonkeys / whorchacha / wotdiduexpect / worshiptheband



ya-heyy / yellowsubmersiblemachine / youresodarkticmonkeys



8oscomedownmachine / @96-point-futura

So, i recently reached 1k (i still can’t believe it tysm) and i decided to do a follow forever because wHY NOT? But mosty to thank to all my fav blogs & lovely people out there :3

The bold ones are the ones i see on my dash more often/ my favourites. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

- # -

505dancingshoes 505-old-yellow-bricks

A -

aboutarcticmonkeys acertainbandguy alex-fricking-turner alex-tuna alex-turncr alex-turrner alexcutiepieturner alexfromhighgreen alexhandsometurner alexrumine alexsthunderstorms alexturnerpls alexturnerpng alexturnerswife alextwatner allyoupeoplearefuckingvampires allyourstoriesarestale araabella arctic-gorilla arctic-monkcys arctic-wankies arcticcholos arcticcunt arcticmoncries arcticsofia artemou arcticmunkeez 

- B-E -

babyhaimyours be-my-midnight-aerialarabella bemyhumbug blacktreaccle blondosonichellcat cavortandcarryonforwaitingeyes cornerstonc crowded-of-badasses dan-auerbae dance-little-turner dancelittlemonkey disfordancefloor do-i-wanna-know ehh-maybe-maybe-not eviltwinofarabella

- F-L -

freshprincesofsheffield fuckingalexturner fuckinghumbug fuseisfiresideus fyeahmilex getonyourkneesocks heartbreakhotelsuite505 hellkatspangledshalalala highgreenturner humbug-alex humbugprincess ihatealexturner ihatejuliancasablancass im-a-rock-drummer jamehcook jamiecooking jdeegrl jewelershands l505l leather-jacket-and-a-quiff 

- M-S -

mardy-arabella mardyumm matthewhelderz mattyhealders melodyscalling milesmonkey milex-matching-leather nerdturner nickomalleycat northpole-monkeys officialkoeing ohmyomalley oldyellow-brick onefortheroadoohooh parkdrugs paulmcqt perhapsfckoffmightbetookind pherbyftw potatoturner potionapprotion qualityturner queens-of-the-stone-roses quiffalex royalbloocl royalbloodvevo sad-arctic-monkey satsumah secrtdoor sydkneesocks

- T-Y -

the-death-rampz the-little-illusion-machine the-new-arctic-weekend thehipwaffle thejewellerhands thurnerstorms tightlippedqueen tuneralex turner-omalley-helders-cook turnerandcasablancas turnercute velvetdesert9 whois-arielle whothafuckarethearcticmonkeys xthechunglebook yellaflickerbeat youresodarkticmonkeys

~Special thank you to these babes~

fuckyeahthedeathramps wonderwall-arabella ♥ fwnvevo


Hello everyone! I recently hit 4,000 followers with this blog. I’m super happy about it and want to thank you all for keeping up with all my rambling and obsessive behaviour. This led me to think about all the blogs I enjoy so I decided to make a follow forever! Thank you all for making my dashboard such a wonderful one, I bolded my favourite blogs, but you’re all amazing ♥ x Daniëla.

A special place in this follow forever for Taty ♥.

Thank you so much for always being there, for making me laugh, for sending me photos of Alex when I’m sad, for being so cute even though you always deny it and hate it when I say this… Basically for being the best friend I could wish for. You’re a gem and I’m so happy we both missed Arabella during that Lollapalooza ‘14 livestream. I love you!!




a-certain-turner alexcutiepieturneralexheldersalexflirtybastardalexsbandguyalexruminealextunerralextusrneralexsdavidturneralexturnerishotalexturnerisababealexturnersvevoalexturnrantiturner arcticcmonkeysarcticmunkyarcticnickarctic-sheffieldarcticsmonkeygifsartycmonkeysbabeyouresodarkblacktreaccle blondosonichellcat callmesugarkanecuntturner


dance-little-turnerdisfordancefloordo-i-wanna-knowdontcareajoteviltwinofarabellaevoluniversefockinwankforgetwho-youare fuckingalexturner ★  fuckyeahthedeathrampsfuseisfireside




jennacolemmanjonsnowing knifesonlairygirllastfashionpuppets


macchup1cchumademekissyouwithawhispermmattheldersmonsieurturner mrmileskanenickvalensiobriers ohmilexorpheusturnersorpneus


queerbiancar-u-alexroyalbloodvevoruminerumplestiltskinsecretdoor-swings secrtdoorshesthurnerstormssshes-thunderstormssuckitandzeesuckithumbug


teddiepickersthemodandtherockerthesameshitethjewellershandstwoandahalfkittensturnerandcook turnercuteturnerfrutti turneresturnerkaneturnerisloveturnersalexsurfwnwankmonkeyswakeupthefuck



I recently hit 1k so i’ve decided to do my first follow forever! Never in a million years would i have believed i would have this many followers so thank you all very much!! All of my mutual/favorite blogs are in bold :) 

extra special people who happen to run kick ass blogs:

                    sistershahar ~ bárbara ~ rochelle ~ ellen                       


l505l 505dancingshoes 555punk a-is-for-arcticmonkeys alexandthedeathramps alexanderdavidturners alexanderfuckingturner alexbandguy alexblogguy alexflirtybastard alexmatttjamienick alexrumine alex-tuna alextunrer alexturnable alexturner2012 alexturnerers alexturnerisababe alexturnerisawanker alexturnerisprettierthanyou alexturnerishot alexturnerpls alexturnersmainhoe alexturnerswife alexturnerus alexturnervk alextwatner  allyoupeoplearefuckingvampires allyourstoriesarestale alturnertivelyalturnertive  amofficial a-r-a-b-e-ll-a arabellahunt  arcticcmonkeys arcticidiot arcticmonkese arcticmonkeyed arctic-monkeys505 arcticmonkeysdaily arcticmonkeys-tbh arcticmonkqys arcticmunkeez arctic-pirouette arcticrachael arcticquiff arctic-wankies arctikalex artemou arzeee arzeticmonkeys 


babyhaimyours baiovevo bemyhumbug benaddicted-sherlockian benedict-arcticbatch blacktreaccle blogofrequirement blondosonichellcat breakfastat-heartbreakhotel casababe certifiedmindblowerx cornerstorm crawlinbackto-you crowded-of-badasses crying505 crying-alex cxrnerstoned dan-auerbae dancelittledaniel dancelittlemonkey dance-little-turner  dandellionandburdock deathcab-for-alex  doiwannasuckturner ezralext eviltwinofarabella faketalesof505 fake-tales-of–arabella favouritekneesocks  flashdeliruim floralalex fluorescentmgmt fluorescentpuppet fosterthearcticmonkeys fosterthepoeple freshprincesofsheffield fuckingmileskane fucknoarcticmonkeys fuckyeahthedeathramps


getonyourkneesocks havok-and-turner heartbreakhotelsuite505 helders-the-lll hellkatspangledshalalala hheldersmatt humbug-alex humbugfan humbugh humbugmaniac ifancyturner iheartarcticmonkeys ilovearcticmonkeysandthestrokes i-thought-it-was-dark-outside iwantyoudownonallfours jamiexpornstar jdeegrl koenigofficial kwassakwassasisa


last-shadow-puppet leather-jacket-and-a-quiff lightningmonkey loop-the-looping-roundhismind mardy-arabella mardyumm mattheldersjpg milescandykane mixtaepesmonkeys-before-hoes music-to-walk-home-by3 nerdturner nickomalleh no-1-party-anthem northpole-monkeys ohmyomalley obviouslybicycling officialkoeing oldyellobricks omalleyandcook onlyoneswhoknowarcticmonkeys perhapsfcukoffmightbetookind prettivisitors queerbianca quiffalex robot-from1984 r-u-alex r-u-thunderstorms secrtdoor sexy-lil-swine sheffield-monkeys shippingmilexsince1998 shutupsherlock snakedrive spacevisitor suckitadnsee suckitandmeme suckithumbug 


temp1es theamms theccure the-fluorescent-ad0lescent thelastshadowdorks themarcticmonkeys theshitshockhorrors tightredpants tinyalexturner tinymobboss towmeifucansummonthestrength turnerbuggkane turnercute turnerdanceco turnerelatable turnerislove turnerofficial turnersalexs turnmeonturner turrneralex tshirt-and-tie-combination uhmbug understandingezra urkillingmealexturner velvetdesert9 vampirestrokesmonkey vaxeens wankmonkeys who-the-fuck-is-alex-turner wonderwall-arabella xdoiwannaknowx youresodarkticmonkeys 

There is a really good chance that i missed people so if you think you should be on here please message me!!