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what re your favourite blogs and friends you know irl blogs?

I love alexrumine and alexsodark bc well Arctic Monkeys are my favourite band and I reblog a lot of them and they’re just really good blogs.
And the people irl would be Aya, Talor, Niki, Isabella and Sam which are pee-on-everyone, elskha, fauxa, scubadying and citykid-s

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I was tagged by fuckingalexturner lol

1. Top 3 favorite bands? 

  • the virgins
  • arctic monkeys
  • drowners or stone roses 

2. If you could have any super power what would it be? erm flying hello???
3. Dream job? that person that’s on ttour buses w bands and is like their mothers lol
4. One unpopular opinion about anything? churrosand tanning are overrated
5. All time favorite film? spike island or the double
6. All time favorite song? New England // Billy Bragg
7. Favorite pastime? erm blogging anf watching suits
8. Indoors or outdoors? indoors
9. Your motto? You’re never going to win big if you only look to minimize your losses

10. Which city/country would you like to live in? Australia

11. First rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club

My Questions:

  1. last person you hugged?
  2. last person you said ‘i love you’ to, did you mean it?
  3. black or white?
  4. least favourite band?
  5. hottest woman on earth?
  6. are you a feminist?
  7. ^why or why not?
  8. fave blogs?
  9. fave song of 2006?
  10. any siblings?
  11. last text u sent?

I tag blogofrequirement, casablancarze, alexrumine and i cba to tag anymore lol bye 

Hi everyone! I have just hit 15k followers and I wanted to thank you all for following me. I would have never thought I’d get so many followers, you know, that’s awesome! I’m so glad I’ve virtually met so many Arctic Monkeys fans. I’m not good with thank yous but that’s what I’m trying to say. So, here’s a list of my following and I recommend you to follow them all because they’re all incredible. The ones I’ve bolded are my fav.








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