‘Run/Fitblr’ Community

A very long time ago, before this blog, young women like runningonoatmeal and mmountainrunner, were very gracious to give me helpful fitness and running tips; share tips of speed and strength. I still have one lengthy message from Katie! 

When I got injured (IT band + stress fracture), less than a week after I made this blog, I reached out to championsaremade. She, too, has IT band pain. (A degree far worse than I, and I pray she recovers in time for the XC season!) She has been wonderful to talk to, and an absolutely bright spot in the community. 

Stepping away from the seriousness,

For kicks and giggles, I want to point you in the direction of run-bassel (his favorite color is blue, guys, and he is fun to chat with), and mediocremileage (a fellow runner ‘married’ to an elite athlete x’D). Oh! Unlike the other two, I never messaged her, but everyone knows pearlbruh‘s hurlarious snapchat running photosets!

For a new OTP/running couples–for people who are living your life goals–look no farther than the adorable ultrarunnersean & alexlovespancakes, or running-bean & the-miles-of-trials! They know it.

What I’m getting at is that this little fitness/running community, whether it is little guys like me, and teapotsandrosesxx, or big guys like, stunaruna, workoutinpink, peanut–bitter, roadtogreatnesssteve, thedestinycollins, etc. IS AWESOME

From my experience, everyone only has kind words for each other–positive vibes, words of compassion, and helpful advice–and I have never been prouder to be a part of it, no matter how minute my contribution is. Love y’all!