Sumptuous baroque hand made leather journal. An exquisitely rich detailed embossed book for your thoughts…

Hand tinted leather creating an unique color gradient. The center of the front cover presents alligator texture within patina brass chains. Comment from Facebook page: “It feels like Game of Thrones meets Baroque opulence”!


Looking for a way to record all your ghostly findings and haunted adventures? aLexLibris might have just the thing for you! While these journals are rather pricey, they are just so beautiful and detailed. I just couldn’t resist posting a few pictures of them here.


First one finished journal in this year…

House Lannister journal belong to unique set of Game of Thrones journals. Size 10 x 8 inches, thickness little more than 2 inches, 120 leaves of special aged paper, special made coat of arms, hand carved decoration, etc.


Personalized leather journal in Vampire thematic…

…“It has every element I asked for… Vlad the Impaler as I have had a love for the history of Dracula all my life, emblem from Bram stokers Dracula as that’s what our wedding was based on, skull emblem from our studio and ‘Nothing else matters’ as it’s mine and my husbands song”.



Unique styled large leather bound journal, decorated with genuine lizard leather details. Hand tinted and gilded for the fine collectors among you. Two genuine lizard leather stripes adorn the cover placing an intrigue when opening and discovering its beauty.

Book size is 10 x 7 inches and thickness around 3 inches. Journal have around 350 leaves (700 pages if count both sides of papers) of cream toned paper with hand torn and gilded edges.