I think this is what they meant..

@alexland asked me “Have you ever cried because you were annoyed so hard?” (Something among those words) And my answer is “yes” Having people who won’t listen to you just because of biased reasons alone really irks me and I had it happen a lot to me at one point that it did reduce me to tears. (It doesn’t matter if you believe in what others say, it’s more human to listen to what others say)

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someone drew this on the board in my biology class , and it made me laugh . people were all like “WTF IS THAT” , and i’m like “ cause you don’t have tumblr , loserr !” .

[note ; okay , i get it , i know it didn’t originate from tumblr , alright ? i never said it did . i just said it was because some people DON’T have a tumblr , so they don’t get it , because some people know it from tumblr . if you knew from somewhere else , then okay , you’re cool ? happy ? quit being so butthurt about this . ]


Chris asked me to be his Valentine yesterday(:


after a whole week of practice . good job guys <3 i’m so proud . WE DID WONDERFUL .


Check out our silent movie project(x


Dear Aric,

Thanks for making my night awesome. I swear I think we laughed like the whole time I was there. That one hour went by really fast. You’re still a watermelon whore. We probably have tons of inside jokes now. Oh and thanks for the duck! Steven and I slept together last night and his hair is still up o-o; You suck at aiming. I DID BETTER THAN YOU LOL. Yeah. Okay. BYE.



p.s. I don’t have your tumblr LOL.