Hey Taylor!!!

Hey babes hope you’re doing well and drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep and anyway this is a list of 24 people, 22 of whom are going to the Atlanta show. Anyway, they’d LOVE it if you would Taylurk/like/follow them or something because they’re hella rad. Hugs and kisses, Iz.

Tori: possiblyswift
Katherine: nohablogarcia
Taylor: taylorcompton20
Anna-Murphy: wonderl-annamurphy
Bre-Ahn: tiedtogetherwithtay
Hannah Elizabeth: propertyofpen
Olivia: olivweiss
Lissy: meettaylorinatlanta
Allison: populationswift
Sebastian: inlovewithstrangers
Lucy: distance-timings
Delaney: netflixswift
Megan: megluvstswift
Maddie: gazingglitter
Jordan: she-found-herself-taylor
Courtney: swiftieasacoursingriver
Elaine: youdonthavetocalls
Lindsey: thesethingswilltay
Elizz: holytreacherous
Brandon: dsyrswift
Alex: a-swiftie-named-alex
Kristin: tshifty
Abbie: detectlveoliviabenson
Hannah: wefound-wonderland13

And also, the Atlanta Tour blogs, atlanta1989tour & hella-rad-atl

WE LOVE YOU taylorswift! See you in Atlanta!