Maintenance is over!

So, after a few hours of struggle -as I had guessed- I eventually managed to finish repairing my theme.

I tried not to change its main features (colours, pages, etc.), but I did change my background. Here is what the new one should look like!

(I tried making it so it would fit everyone’s screen resolution, so I hope it works out this time.)

Also, I changed my icon, because I suddenly realised I had only had Catherine Tate icons thus far, and I thought Alex Kingston would make a pleasant change. Here it is!

The original picture belongs to AlexKPhotos -a blog that everyone should follow, by the way- and the slight yet terrible edits are mine. 

Please, do not use without crediting the original picture!

Well, well, well, I feel awfully exhausted, so I’ll say goodnight to y'all now. Lots of love, and I hope you like it: