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{Sinbad & Some Nerds|Magi Series| 絵整理 by GUSAM}

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the signs as Magi characters
  • Aries: Kouen Ren
  • Taurus: Sinbad
  • Gemini: Muu Alexius
  • Cancer: Kougyoku Ren
  • Leo: Morgiana
  • Virgo: Aladdin
  • Libra: Ja'far
  • Scorpio: Hakuryuu Ren
  • Sagittarius: Alibaba Saluja
  • Capricorn: Masrur
  • Aquarius: Hakuei Ren
  • Pisces: Scheherazade
some yunan headcanons

- he has freckles
- his hair is naturally straight, when it’s not in a braid
- he has terrible memory
- he also has a really bad concept of time and often mixes up time periods
- he’s actually very energetic and youthful, but his aged body holds him back
- almost everything in his house is stuff he’s stolen from sinbad over the years
- he hates restrictive clothing
- he’s actually very up-to-date on current events and trends, but he pretends otherwise to keep up his act of being so mysterious
- he’s sworn off alcohol because he gets very drunk very easily and muu told him that ‘alcohol makes him do bad things’
- Judar taught him how to swear and flip people off

Sinbad, Muu & Kouen      merry by GUSAM

※Permission to reprint this was given by the artist. Please do not repost without the artist’s permission. If you liked this fanwork, do take the time to rate and bookmark the original work.

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Late post but we cosplayed Reim last weekend! We made Titus and Muu’s Roman togas and armor because these designs are beautiful. Super happy with how the photos turned out (;▽;) I love Magi… Special thanks as always to our dear @vicissijuice for shooting 🙏❤️!

It was my first attempt at armor after 5 years and it’s for Magi again 😵💦💦 Also my first time working with worbla and styrene.

Titus Alexius: @princemaru

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Muu, Sinbad, and Kouen reacting to their s/o kicking butt in a gladiatorial competition? Also who are your favorite characters? :3

Thank you for requesting, and thank you for asking! My favorite characters would have to be: Hakuren, Sphintus, Morgiana, Dunya, Aladdin, Kougyoku, and the Kou bros! (Don’t ask me to pick one I can’t I literally love them all)

Muu Alexius

  • Muu would be nervous upon seeing his s/o enter the ring. Gladiator fights weren’t easy fights- They were brutal, bloody, savage, and usually ended with someone being dead. Even if he was confident in his s/o’s fighting abilities, he would still be a nervous wreck, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice and save the day if he needed to. However, when he saw them practically destroy their opponent, most of the fear would be replaced with absolute pride as he cheered his s/o on, louder than any other person watching the fight. He would lose a bit of his composure, yelling advice that went unheard and cheering for them to beat their enemy into the ground. Once they had won and exited the arena, Muu would envelop them in a hug and promise to celebrate their victory.


  • The king of Sindria would be very involved in the fight, observing everything from his spot and watching to make sure his s/o didn’t do anything stupid or unnecessarily risky. He would be uncharacteristically quiet at the beginning, his concentrating face giving nothing away of the fear in his stomach. He knew that one wrong move, one mistake could result in death or dismemberment or both, and he did not want that for his s/o at all. Luckily, his fears were proven to be unneeded as his s/o proceeded to beat their opponent to a pulp. As they did this, Sinbad would begin cheering loudly, his voice the same loudness of everyone else, but somehow he knew his s/o could easily pick out which voice was his. Word could not describe how proud he felt of his s/o as they walked up to him, weapon in hand and a tired smile on their face. He would pick them up and spin them around, expressing his admiration.

Kouen Ren

  • Kouen would watch the entirety of the fight in silence, not cheering even as his s/o won. His face would give nothing away- It almost seemed like he was listening to someone read out a report on salads eaten that day. Little known to those around him, though, he was practically shaking with excitement and nerves. He wouldn’t really say that he was nervous, but he did feel a bit uneasy for his s/o to be down there by themselves, basically fighting for their life. As his s/o began to win, a small smile would crack across his lips and his eyes would take on a gleam as though to say “Yep. They’re badass, and they’re mine.” Once the fight was over and they had won, Kouen would congratulate them on their victory and promise that they would recieve a nice hot bath and good food as celebration. And, he would say, taking one of their hands and lifting it to his lips to place a kiss on their skin, if they wanted anything else they need only ask.
Your Magi boyfriend:

Aries: Ja’far

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Taurus: Masrur

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Gemini: Ugo

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Cancer: Alibaba Saluja

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Leo: Yunan

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Virgo: Sharkkan

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Libra: Sinbad

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Scorpio: Kouen Ren

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Sagittarius: Judar

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Capricorn: Kouha Ren

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Aquarius: Spartos

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Pisces: Muu Alexius

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I was serious when I talked about those Not Sinbad shirts.
Because bless Kouen and Muu for being good ojii-sans, unlike Sinbad who makes all our faves cry.

@ohtaka-sensei let me help u write magi pls