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My friend Adeeb had a business #SurfIllustrated which featured some amazing models. The work he did was by no means easy though I am sure you all feel sorry for a dude that has shot some of the most beautiful women in #California. #AlexisLopez is a shining example of the beautiful #LatinaWomen and incredible #CulturalDiversity in our state. I love the mix of culture in our state and I am sure @adeeb_howrani agrees!

anonymous asked:

Forget being able to "see in the future" and all of that bullshit, but who do you see becoming a couple in the future?

Tsk, tsk, anon. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you get more bees with honey than vinegar?

I’m feeling extra generous today, though.

Basically if Sam and Winnie don’t get together soon, I may actually stab my eyes out.

And I’m sensing serious vibes between Alexis and Eloise, call me crazy.

Possibly even Phil and Bella, but maybe I’m just trying to stir shit up. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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fmk: danny, alexis, pj

How about none, none, and none?

But if I have to answer I guess I’d say…Fuck Danny because he looks like he knows what he’s doing, Marry Alexis, because it would be quiet and peaceful and kiss Pj, because he’s cute enough to not be disgusted by it.