My main Badchichi blog was deactivated back in October (new one up/same name) which unfortunately also cost the original Carrington Ventures. I had over 400 followers and endless videos and pics both original and reblogged. I have decided to start this up again but I added a 2 in the url so original followers going through the tag don’t just think I’ve been on long hiatus lol.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting my entire youtube channel in linear order like before, maybe just more scattered. In a few months I will really be on a Dynasty kick when I start my 5th rewatch. Every year since I’ve become a fan in 2010. I will most likely add to that channel carringtonventures as I rewatch and say hmm I wanna share this clip as well that I missed the first go round.

Also I won’t be shy of posting clips of some of the other primetime soaps like the 13 episode Paper Dolls I love, Falcon Crest which is lacking here, and maybe a little of Dallas and Knots. I’ve already set up an extensive tags page and the ask box is open for open or private discussions on the shows or just chatting with me lol.

let’s just discuss the bachelorette for a second: i am LOVING britt’s doe-eyed act when you know deep down she IS alexis morell carrington colby dexter rowan. LIVE, girl. live.