reblog and fill in the answers you most associate your character to with each question.

  • i. animal: Horse.
  • ii. color: Pink, lavender, pastels.
  • iii. month: February & April
  • iv. song: Mountains by Message to Bears // Let it Go by James Bay // Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars // Spanish Sahara by Foals
  • v. number: 10
  • vi. day or night: Day
  • vii. plant: Cherry blossoms, strawberry plants
  • viii. smell: Flowers, fresh laundry, sugar
  • ix. gemstone: Rose quartz
  • x. season: Spring, winter
  • xi. place: Barns, forests, meadows
  • xii. food: Cupcakes
  • xiii. astrological sign: Aquarius
  • xiv. element: Water, earth
  • xv. drink: Peach tea

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