alexis paige

If you’re gonna talk shit about any of the divas, at least have the fucking decency to not tag it in their tag.

I’m so sick of seeing hate about any of the divas while I’m in their tag.

It’s so simple, all you have to do is put anti in front.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love that you follow such a wide array of dancers. I'm curious (if you had to choose) who are your top 10 favorite dancers in each age division?

Aww thank you so much! 😄. Ok, here goes:

Mini 7-10: Madi Bunce, Addison Middleton, Alexis Adair, Kennedy Paige, Keagan Capps, Sabine Nehls, Hayley Wilson, Jadyn Saigusa, Ali Ogle, Summer Montenegro.

Junior 11-12: Ying Lei Pham, Bella Voorhees, Miranda Kotero, Jenna Sousa, Danielle Silver, Isabella Tagle, Ava Brooks, Christian Burse, Kiarra Waidelich, Madison Moonan

Teen (hardest decision for me) 13-15: McKenzie Morales, Vivian Ruiz, Carlee Schield, Ellie Wagner, Basia Rhoden, Kayla Murray, Autumn Miller, Brooke Cox, Megan Goldstein, Emmy Cheung

Senior 16-19: Briar Nolet, Bella Allen, Brittany Bruno, Paige Landseadal, Jayci Kalb, Juliet Frishette, Taylor Sieve, Brandy Baker, Michelle Quiner, Ryan Hoffmann

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And anyone who is interested in this post. This muse has been moved to mususmentalis a multi muse blog that includes the following muses. 

Ella (OC)
Aramina (OC)
Avarice (OC)
Rowen of Locksley (Fandom Based OC)
Alexis Paige (Fandom Based OC)
Nova (fandom based OC)
Cree (Fandom Based OC)
Lilikka (Fandom Based OC)
Caitlynn (Fandom Based OC)

And Canon muses are as follows

Margaery Tyrell
Daenerys Targaryen
Commander Lexa
Clarke Griffin
Bellamy Blake
Octavia Blake
Gaara of the Sand
Sakura Haruno
Maka Albarn
Rini Tsukino
Bianca (Charmed)
Blair Waldorf
Emma Swan
Clary Fray 
Caroline Forbes. 

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