alexis london

If Alexis Kennedy has any significant role in the next Dragon Age game, there will be at minimum 500% the expected quantity of cannibalism. We will see a LOT more ghouls. We will have to choose which party member to permakill and eat. Broodmothers are back and this time they’re really big and you have to walk around inside their guts for some goddamn reason. The game is set entirely inside a Broodmother. You have to eat a party member more than once, twice mandatory third time optional. The speaking cast are ALL ghouls. Everyone’s ghouls, Hawke.

One Day More
Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schonberg

2004/05/08 - West End - Tracked
Ian Pirie (u/s Valjean), Nic Greenshields (u/s Javert), Joanna Ampil (Fantine), Daniel Reeves (u/s Marius), Lydia Griffiths (Cosette), Sophia Ragavelas (Éponine), Alexis James (u/s Enjolras), Stephen Tate (Thénardier), Katy Secombe (Mme. Thénardier)