alexis drazen


Me watching Supernatural;

“Holy shit it’s that chick from 24!” -Alexis Drazen and Castiel played by Misha Collins

“It’s that assassin Jack killed with a screwdriver in 24!” -John Quinn and Balthazar played by Sebastian Roche

“OMG the man in the yellow tie from 24!” -Ivan Erwich aka ‘The Man In The Yellow Tie’ and Crowley played by Mark Sheppard

“The Secretary of State from 24!” -Alex Secretary of State and Charlie from Criss Angel is a Douche Bag Supernatural played by John Rubinstein 

“Whoa it’s that asshole assassin from 24, glad he’s in jail!” -Conrad Haas and Randall from Folsom Prison Blues Supernatural played by Jeff Kober

“-flails- IT’S IRA FROM 24!!!” -Ira Gaines and Kubrick from Bad Day At Black Rock Supernatural, aka the “I’m Batman” episode, played by Michael Massee

“Aww, it’s Nicole Palmer from 24!” -Nicole Palmer and Cassie Robinson, Route 666 Supernatural played by Megalyn Echikunwoke

“Ew it’s that Russian terrorist from 24.” -Mark Bishop and Rob 99 Problems Supernatural played by Michael Shanks

“AHHH! HOLY SHIT IT’S RENEE FROM 24!” -Renee Walker and Susan Thompson Playthings Supernatural played by Annie Wersching

Huge fan of both shows but I saw 24 first and keep seeing people from that show in Supernatural and have total spazz attacks.