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best books i’ve read in 2016

(2015 post) sooo i’ve read 116 new books this year, 177 counting rereads!! this was mostly a year of rereading tbh add me on goodreads /mydarlinginej !! anyways, here’s a list of the best books i’ve read in 2016

** = released this year


  • crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo (just,,,a masterpiece, truly)**
  • outrun the moon by stacey lee (why you should read)**
  • queen’s thief series by megan whalen turner
  • wolf by wolf, iron to iron, and blood for blood** by ryan graudin
  • a gathering of shadows by v.e. schwab**
  • gemina by jay kristoff and amie kaufman
  • tell the truth, shame the devil by melina marchetta**
  • the grift of the magi by ally carter**

★★★★ .5

  • places no one knows by brenna yovanoff**
  • this adventure ends by emma mills**
  • the miseducation of cameron post by emily m. danforth
  • the unexpected everything by morgan matson**
  • the winner’s kiss by marie rutkoski**
  • this savage song by victoria schwab**
  • map of fates by maggie hall**
  • you know me well by david levithan and nina lacour**
  • just visiting by dahlia adler
  • and i darken by kiersten white**
  • the square root of summer by harriet reuter hapgood**
  • the raven king by maggie stiefvater**
  • morning star by pierce brown**
  • wildlife and cloudwish** by fiona wood
  • passenger by alexandra bracken**
  • vendetta and inferno** by catherine doyle
  • tiny pretty things and shiny broken pieces** by sona charaipotra and dhonielle clayton
  • the hating game by sally thorne**
  • the lost & found by katrina leno**
  • lady midnight by cassandra clare**


  • if he had been with me by laura nowlin
  • the dark days club by alison goodman**
  • written in the stars by aisha saeed**
  • the girl from everywhere by heidi heilig**
  • girl against the universe by paula stokes**
  • three dark crowns by kendare blake**
  • the hidden oracle by rick riordan**
  • something in between by melissa de la cruz**
  • trouble is a friend of mine and trouble makes a comeback** by stephanie tromly
  • see how they run by ally carter

★★★ .5

  • the loose ends list by carrie firestone**
  • wild swans by jessica spotswood**
  • what’s broken between us by alexis bass
  • the darkest corners by kara thomas**
  • all laced up by erin fletcher**
  • bittersweet by sarah ockler
  • the walled city by ryan graudin
  • first and then by emma mills
  • the last boy and girl in the world by siobhan vivian**
  • the distance from a to z by natalie blitt**
  • the safest lies by megan miranda**
  • of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst**
  • the star-touched queen by roshani chokshi**
  • a torch against the night by sabaa tahir**
  • the beauty of darkness by mary e. pearson**

i’ve read more than this rip check my goodreads for more also check my book recs page or feel free to send me an ask for any recs 💙

And I would suffer it all again
if it meant I could one more time
lick the golden morning light from your skin like honey
and melt like a candle against your heat,
all yielding and smelling of softness,
all yours and yours and yours.
I would suffer anything again
if it meant I could come home to you.
—  Excerpt from Meekly // Alexis Danae

hasuyawwn, DO YOU KNOW. HOW MUCH I WANTED TO TELL YOU I WAS DRAWING THIS. But Alexie was like “noooo it must be a surPRISE or else I’ll sink your ship!” and so I held back. Very, very, very reluctantly.

And then she was like “you should wait until you see us next week,” but I can’t do it. Nope. Here. Look at it as I sob here in the corner.

I know, anything I can draw you can draw better, but… but… accept my humble offering of a late birthday gift, okay?


I’ll do better next year, I swear. OTL


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