scents associated with the signs

Aries: carnations, tobacco, amber, rain, pepper

Taurus: violet, vanilla, rose, a diner, the fireplace

Gemini: grapefruit, spearmint, almond, freshly mowed grass

Cancer: sugar, the ocean, jasmine, blossoms, freshly baked cookies

Leo: cinnamon, coconut, a new book, hairspray, watermelon

Virgo: a fresh cup of coffee, lilac, an old library, a garden

Libra: lemon, basill, sweat pea, lip gloss, pumpkin

Scorpio: chocolate, lotus, blackberry, chanel perfume

Sagittarius: fresh air, pears, nutmeg, apples, tree bark

Capricorn: hot tea, soil, an old attic, peonies, cherry

Aquarius: licorice, fresh citrus, cedarwood, orchids in bloom

Pisces: mangos, paint, candied apples, cotton, funnel cake

The Signs as Plants

ARIES: Cacti || Sharp and to the point on the outside, but overall fun and easy to care for, satisfying to have, and cute.

TAURUS: Cabbages || Very versatile and can be useful in different situations; cute to look at and light-hearted.

GEMINI: Melons || Heavy when it comes to emotions; especially ones that fall on the spectrum of hate and love. Can be sweet, but can also be sour.

CANCER: Akebia Vines || Consciousness reaches far and wide and can survive in a variety of situations; the tiny purple flowers represent dignity and stubbornness. 

LEO: Bamboo || Always growing emotionally and physically, and is extremely survivable in many places; highly adaptable.

VIRGO: Irises || Admires others, and encourages others when they’re about to give up by helping pull them up.

LIBRA: Venus Fly Traps || Emotions can be raw and real, and often forgets that they may be hurting others while letting them out

SCORPIO: Tomatoes || Solid on the outside, but on the inside, they are soft, and they store years of experience and emotions, and secrets of others.

SAGITTARIUS: Onions || Many layers to them, people often need to peel away at some of them to see who they really are, hiding under their shell.

CAPRICORN: Donkey Tail || Every experience that they have is added on to the last one like a chain, and they often carry them like a burden–although they can work to clip them off sometimes and start fresh.

AQUARIUS: Daisies || Very light-hearted and loving, beautiful and pure, and full of variety.

PISCES: Acacia Tree || Roots reach very far and never stop growing. They are never disconnected from others that are similar to them, and seeks them for comfort.

Alright, everyone! The time has finally come for the H/L Summer Exchange to go underway!

We (as in, @skyebyrd , @hazzabooween , and @asexual-lester) are hosting this year, and we are all so excited! I (skyebyrd) ran it last year and loved it so much and am so glad to be doing it again :)

In case you don’t know what an exchange is, here’s some info:

What is an anonymous fic exchange?

Think secret santa. Everyone throws a minimum of three H/L centric prompts into the hat, and everyone pulls out a set of prompts to write! And, like a secret santa, the person writing the fic will not be revealed until it’s all over. You write a fic, you get a fic!

(You will definitely be revealed later, but until then, don’t spill the secret!)

How do I sign up?

We have a tutorial on our blog right here that walks you through step by step. But, essentially, you go to our AO3 Profile, hit sign-up, enter in your info and bam! You’re signed up. 

Sign ups will last two (2) weeks. They open today, April first (1st) and will last through April fifteenth (15th). 

You do need to have an AO3 account in order to participate. If you do not have an account, there is a waiting list for an invitation to one. However, if you message us, I have a few available to give out based on a first-come first-served request. If you don’t have an account and wish to participate, please message us sooner rather than later!

What about actually writing the fic?

Well, that lasts from April twenty-second (22nd) if everything goes well, and will last until July 1st, when fics are due! 

Fics have a minimum word requirement of 4,000 words. This is a mandatory word account. With two months to write, that is adequate time. However, that being said, we do recognize that there are other things going on and extensions are available based on request. We don’t mind being asked for extensions, so please don’t be afraid to do so if needed. 

And, having a beta/britpick is required! As fic exchanges are a lot of new fic writers looking to get their feet wet, I believe it’s the best thing possible to have someone else there to lend a hand in the writing process. Even more experienced writers can always benefit from having a beta/britpick. 

While we don’t do check-ins, we do expect you to comply to this rule. 

Any other rules?

Yes! More detailed rules may be found in our rules list, and we also have an faq available. 

  1. You must send a minimum of three (3) prompts, to give your author a few different choices. Please be as specific as possible in what you like/don’t like, so we are able to match you up to the best of our abilities. 
  2. Once you are done signing up, you are required to email us your AO3 username and your tumblr url, if you prefer tumblr as a means of contact over email. 
  3. Again, fics have to have a minimum of 4,000 words. 
  4. Do not change your AO3 name, or else we will lose track of who you are. If you change your AO3 name, inform us immediately so we are able to know who you are. 
  5. If we email you/message you, no matter the enquiry, you are required to respond within three (3) business days. If you do not, you will be dropped from the exchange and replaced. This is because a good number of our questions will be time-sensitive (i.e., you turned in a fic less than 4k and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible) and we can’t wait for a response that may never come. 
  6. Finally, have fun! It’s not as serious as it sounds in this description, I promise. 

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email us at or message us right here on tumblr :)

Happy writing!

And lastly, credit for the photoset above goes to the lovely @bvckyau