The First Time

“Y/N” You heard your boyfriend Alex yell from outside the bathroom door. You pretend not to hear him over the running water and the loud radio with his voice blaring through its speakers.

“Babe come on let me in, I need to ask you something” You could tell that he had a smirk on his face by the way the words rolled from his mouth. Smiling, you open the shower door and quickly unlock the bathroom door opening it to see Alex in a pair of black skinny jeans holding up two shirts staring intensely at them.

“Which one should I wear?” He asks following you into the bathroom as you walk back toward the shower.

“In my opinion, neither.” You say smiling as you step back into the shower.

“Then what should I wear?” He asks pouting his lips and staring at you with his amazing brown eyes that make you melt. 

“Hmmm…How about nothing?” You say as you bite you lip and running your eyes up and down Alex’s perfect body.

“That is perfectly okay with me” Alex says smiling and removing his pants and boxers in one swift move.

He moves into the shower wrapping his arms around your waist pushing your bodies closer together. You look up into his gorgeous brown eyes and bring your arms up wrapping them around his neck bring his head down to make his lips meet yours. As your lips move in sync with his you begin to realize something. You’ve never been with a guy before. As the thought goes crashing around your brain, Alex starts to bring his hands down attempting to pick you up.

“Alex!” You snap pushing his chest so he moves back a little.

“Y/N whats wrong?” He asks giving you a very confused look.

“I… I uh..” You look down not being able to let the words escape your lips.

“Tell me baby” Alex says bringing his tattooed hand up to cup your face

“I’ve never been with anyone before, I’m still a virgin” You say blushing as his hands drop back down to your waist

“It’s alright babe it not a big deal” He says gently kissing you on the cheek making you feel less embarrassed 

You smile and harshly kiss him on the mouth. You stand in the shower as his tongue dominates your mouth.

“Hold on, if I’m gonna get the pleasure of being your first I’m gonna do this right. Not standing in a shower” He says laughing 

You put your head into his chest and begin to laugh. He kisses the top of your head, which makes you melt as you look up to see his dimples in his cheeks. 

‘I Love You” He says grabbing under your ass as you wrap you legs around his body. He slides the shower door open and carries you to your bed only a few feet away. He lays you on your back and slowly climbs on top you. You feel his length rubbing against you making you want him more than you already do. He roughly kisses you making you gasp because you weren’t expecting it.Your lips are perfectly in sync when he forces himself inside of you with out warning. You gasp feeling his length inside you.

“Alex” You moan as he pushes himself in and out of you. you scratch his back signaling him to go harder and faster which he does with out hesitation. He moans as you feel him cum inside of you sending a sensation up your spine.

“Alex” You begin to scream

“Cum for me baby” He whispers in your ear as you begin to do so.

He pulls himself out of you and falls to your side. Your turn to face him as he wraps his arms around you pulling you closer to him.

“How was that for a first time?” He asks smiling at you

“It was..” You stutter trying to get the words out. “Its was amazing baby” you finally say kissing his chest.


Gif source:  Alex

Imagine Alex getting jealous of you talking to one of the other boys.

——— Request for anon ———

He was prickly enough as it was, but he was being just as annoyed as ever right now. Alex told himself that wasn’t true, in denial that the attention you were giving to the other guys wasn’t getting to him, but in reality he was jealous. His jaw clenched as he heard another flirtation be shot your way, making you laugh before he finally started making his way towards you.

“Oh, hey, Alex,” you smile at him, having noticed his approaching form, but the others notice his extra-annoyed persona before you do.

“I’ve got a thing to do,” Sean excuses as he pats Hank, who quickly gets that the two of them should start making a hasty retreat from Alex’s glare, “Uh, like right now.”


Gif source:  Alex

Imagine comforting Alex Summers after a nightmare he has from the war.

——— Request for anon ———

“Alex,” you ask, finding him in the bathroom over a running faucet, “what’s happened?” The haunted look in his eyes prompts the question, as well as your having been woken up by his absence at your side. He turns off the water, glancing towards you in the mirror before he looks back down to his wet hands.

“It was just a dream,” the way he says it is almost as if he was trying to convince himself of that fact, rather than you.

You gently smooth your hand across his back to grip at his shoulder as you rest your cheek on him, watching his reflection in the mirror, “Come back to bed. You can tell me about it if you want.”