-Ax & Sam {Amber Heard & Jared Padalecki}

“Without you I would fall apart
I’m safe when I am in your arms
And only you can set me free
And only you can save me”

-Darin, Only you can save me.

Sam: I’m so sorry, really. Ax, it’s my brother! he’s died for me! I can’t.. let it go. I have to bring him back, it’s my duty. 
Ax: I know. I know everything your reasons, but there are ways and ways of acting and this is wrong! You really don’t remind what we’ve been through?  is not the right way, stopped. You know what I think.  Do not listen to me even. 
It certainly  does not help him passing on their side, but you have understand alone. 
Sam: I can’t stop me now, i have to bring him back. I have to do. You understand me?
Why you don’t look me? why you continue at avoid my glance?
Ax: Because.. I do not succeed.