alexi does art


This is a quick sketch i did for this ocation, so let’s put a little scenario here:

Since christmas and new year were close, Alex wanted to give a special gift for his cute little boyfriend. Alex knew that Ribombee was Reece’s favorite pokémon so his idea was breed, breed and breed Cutieflies until he get a shiny and perfect competitive speaking so he could name him after his boyfriend and also that little Ribombee could help Alex to win tournaments or battles, that way would be like Reece is always at his side no matter what. Alex started to breed for a little bit more than a month as much as he could but being discreetly so Reece couldn’t notice it, soon the christmas and new year passed but the shiny didn’t come out even if he was hatching eggs day after day, Alex was a little disapointed about it changing via wonder trade or setting free all the boxes full of cutieflies he had, as his last resort he want with a friend who could help him out to get it shiny using one of his cutieflies. As son as Alex got him he went to Reece to tell him that his surprise gift was already there and of course telling him as well the whole story of why it took him so long to get him…

The cutiefy and the story are true, i have been breeding cutieflies since start of december until now but it didn’t came out OTL Still i hope you like it @anothertodomatsuboy! ;w;

i still have some more plans to keep breeding competitive pokémon here :3c

and also ye that’s my actual game and it’s in spanish because that’s also my main language xD