So this is my first assignment of my “Alex HW,” where I had to take a photo of three things that made me smile.

1) This is a street that I frequently walk my dog on. Whenever I turn the corner the sun always blinds me and instantly fills my body and soul with warmth. I find myself stopping and leaning up against the wall for a couple of minutes each time this happens. This particular spot always reminds me I’m in England and how far I’ve come.

2) I made a banging coffee today to warm me up from the UK cold. I like to heat up my milk and froth it to act as if I’m cool enough to work in a coffee shop. I typically don’t put in all this effort, but today I was feeling extra motivated.

3) I love when I’m laying on the couch and the sunsets in my front garden. The sun is going down a little before 4pm here in the UK so you have to enjoy it while it lasts. The way it kisses the blinds and casts shadows on my living room walls always makes me smile with nostalgia.

So if you guys feel inspired by today’s Alex assignment, you can try it too! Just hashtag the post with #alexhw or you can even inbox it to me.