Happy birthday Buddy! :)

Thank you for:

  • The endless convos we always have when we’re together or even apart.
  • The endless advice you give.
  • The endless support you give to anything I want.
  • Always being there for me.
  • Being a real friend.


  • If I’ve ever done something unconsciously that hurt you.
  • If I’m being makulit at times.
  • If I sometimes bore with my stories which is always about you-know-what.


  • You’ll like this Tumblr post.
  • You’ll like my cover.
  • You won’t change.
  • You’ll have a blast this day.

Again, happy birthday! I’m just a Twitter/Tumblr/Text away if ever you need me. Me loves you! >:D<


Pieces of Summer 

We are in distress, every fiber of our being have been distraught  at some point. But we are resilient, time always manage to repair us and we always manage to color ourselves more beautifully and stronger. We are the remnants of Summer. The ones left standing and smiling. 

Photographer: Nameless Manila 
HMUA/Stylist: Samantha Sian- Tan Gana 
Post Processing: Grace Peralta 
Location: San Pedro City, Philippines

Samantha Sian-Tan Gana
Niele Serrano
Annie Burce
Anne Suico

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Recommended blog: Philopen

Hey everyone, how was your New Year’s eve? loud and wild or peaceful and serene? Well, however it went I’m glad that we’re alive this 2013. In celebration of the New Year, here’s a new blog I’d like you all to rave and follow: 

(source: Philopen)

“A 22 year-old deep- seated being who looks at things differently and artistically." -John Louie Dela Vega

It’s John Louie Dela Vega’s blog a.k.a Philopen! This exciting blogger is both the author and photographer of his life. He never fails to write about himself creatively and capture moments artistically. Truly there is never a humdrum occasion for how he see and write about his experiences.

Reading his posts is a perspective changer. His opinions on matters are hardly subjective for he always let his mind speak and not his mouth. Looking at his work is also awe-inspiring, he truly brings his best to the table. This young media artist is truly on his way for bigger things. To testify to my words are some of his exquisite work:

(Tagged under photography)

(Tagged under photography)

(Tagged under artwork)

His blog is definitely an eye-(and mind)catcher especially to every art enthusiasts out there. Don’t let this blog slip away from your eyes because his is worth raving about. The awesome blog to start your 2013. So click here and see more of this Philosophical Pendulum.

Season’s greetings guys!

(source: Philopen)

Recommend a blog?

I haven’t done a “Recommended blog” post in a while because my target/tumblr crush/idol deactivated. Her name is Iris, I think you’re familiar with her. She is better known as theskulkingpen and I have to tell you, the girl is such a beautiful writer. It’s really such a shame that she deactivated her blog, but I’m in no position to stop her because I don’t know her reasons and even if I do, her choices are hers to make.

Anyway, I have one more blog in mind but this blogger doesn’t go online too often. In fact, he rarely does which is kind of sad because it would be awesome to see more of his works. His name is Vincent. I think some or most of you are familiar with him. I think he’s also “Tumblr famous”, as they say. 

Enough about that. Anyway, who can you guys recommend? 2013 is fast approaching so a few new blogs to follow would be an awesome way to start 2013. Feel free to recommend your blog and no, you don’t need to be following me, I’ll just need to tour your blog and see if it’ll interest me. Hint: I’m an art enthusiast, of all forms.

Enchanting—When you can’t tell others what it is about her that pulls you closer, when you can’t distinguish which feature is her best, and when you finally can’t decide what you love about her, like the question “what do you love about her?” doesn’t make sense anymore, I think that’s the moment that you have truly, magically, and mysteriously fallen in love.
—  A