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Chloe cracker (Hamadryas chloe) is a species of cracker butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. It is found in Suriname, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil. The Chloe cracker found on Wikipedia has checks just in shades of brown, but other pictures on the net show some blues. I’m not an expert on Nymphalidae morphology, so I can’t say how common the morphs are or maybe one day we’ll find one is a subspecies. Photo by yakovlev.alexey

PowerFX? PowerFX???? PowerFX!!!!
PowerFX? PowerFX???? PowerFX!!!!

May 2007, one of the first public demos of Vocaloid BIG AL in his beta stage. Please hold me.


Music by Alexey Kosolapov and Alexei Ustinov, lyrics by Alexey Yakovlev.


PowerFX, PowerFX, PowerFX
Power, Power, PowerFX

Do what you do with Al
And be the first to know
What do you have to show?
Try something new today!

It’s all within your reach.
So make the most of now
And don’t give up a thing
Control your range and pitch!

Power, Power, PowerFX