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  • People : do you have any example of young man with great Emotional Quotient and beautiful personality?
  • Me : Yuzuru Hanyu. He is polite and respects everyone in his sports field. Eventhough some people insulted him (e.g Alexei Mishin, Nikolai Morozov, etc) , Yuzuru still greets them politely and shakes hands with them. How splendid is that!
What I’ve been watching (week of 09.04.2017)

A post in which I make public (some of) my deeply embarrassing youtube watch history, mostly for my own reference. This is a short and boring list; work was hell this week so I didn’t watch much or really anything new, and what I did watch I had a hard time focusing on properly.

  • Alexei Yagudin: Love, Pain, and Ice - The 2008 Russian documentary about Yagudin’s hip replacement surgery. As per usual I don’t understand a word they’re saying (although I did once read some subtitles on a Japanese site), and yet this fills me with emotions every time I watch it: the obvious anguish on his face as he talks about the pain he was constantly under while competing, the fights he had with Tarasova over it, the quiet devastation on Tarasova’s face when she recalls being told by doctors that Yagudin would never skate again, Yagudin showing us the scars from a procedure he hoped would remove the pain and let him return to competitions (it failed), a still young Yagudin being so sweet and childish around his mother, NAKED YAGUDIN SHAKING HIS HIPS, the look of utter joy and relief on his face as he lands his first painless triple in decades… I love this program, cheesy music and editing and all.
  • Discovery Channel documentary on Skate America 1999 part one, two, three - There are more parts but these are the bits Yagudin appears in. He trains Nutrocker and Broken Arrow, talks about how he doesn’t enjoy skating but it’s his job and his life so he can’t just quit (devastating), and also about how doing jumps and other elements is easy because he’s been doing them all his life, but he struggles with the psychological side of skating. I could watch Yagudin train forever.
  • Stéphane Lambiel and Carolina Kostner valentine’s day 2004 fluff - Watch, and die laughing.
  • Stéphane Lambiel EX 2010 Olympics - Ne me quitte pas.
  • Jeffrey Buttle QR 2002 Worlds - Fresh-faced La Strada. Look at this adorable man, LOOK AT HIM.

  • Yagudin FS 1994 World Junior - In which he landed his first 3A in competition and won over both Abt and Kulik. I don’t speak German but apparently the commentator is ranting about the death of artistry in figure skating as demonstrated by this program. Dude, he was thirteen, chill.
  • Yagudin FS 1999 Trophee Lalique - No one’s ever agreed with me on this, but I love Broken Arrow so, so, so much. I think it’s an underrated masterpiece that people forgot because he lost Euros to Plushenko and didn’t perform it at Worlds, but in my book this is the program where he first gained the gravitas and intensity that transformed him to the skater he was at his competitive best.
  • Yagudin 2000 Euros fluff - The one where his mother was visiting him in the US and it was the most adorable fucking thing ever.
  • Yagudin FS k&c Skate Canada 2001 - The k&c after a brilliant performance of Gladiator. They all look adorable and elated but Morozov has his arm around Yagudin’s waist and my CREEPER CREEPER CREEPER alarm goes into overdrive.

  • Yagudin EX 2000-2001 GPF - I was obsessed with Gladiator for a few weeks (but then, when am I not?) and this is the best exhibition version of it, I think. It’s also in gorgeous HD.
  • Хочу знать 18.11.11 - Yagudin goes to look for Santa Claus. I adore this Russian kids’ show he used to be a reporter on; his episodes are unfailingly dorky and adorable and funny even if I don’t understand half of what’s going on.
  • Ягудин на ВВЦ 21.12.12 - Yagudin teaches skating to a group of people. I think this was at some visit to the Russian president or the first lady or some such. He looks great in a fluffy coat.

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one little scene from russian film “Brother-2” with Alexei Morozov and Darius Kasparaitis