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I think a bigger issue though is dictating what someone must believe in or stand for just because of their identity.

That’s your opinion, just as my original post was my opinion.

If conservatives said the same things about Jews that they said about gay people, I know I wouldn’t be able to vote conservative, no matter how much I agreed with them on other policies. 

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You don’t like: Come Together, Yesterday, I Want You(she’s so heavy), Here Comes the Sun, Hey Jude, etc? I mean yeah they’re overhyped but I like them.

I actually like MJ’s rendition of Come Together more than the original! Not because it’s MJ, but because it had a little more, idk, ~roughness~, to it. As for the other songs, I’m pretty underwhelmed by them. I don’t tread on anyone else’s right to like them, but I personally can do without them.

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they institutionalized beigeness in the 60’s.

i can’t with u, girl

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They can’t sing, they imitate black folk and they were hideous #0appeal

I think the whole swagger jacking thing is one issue that keeps me from liking a lot of 50s/60s-era white bands, although if I just don’t like your music, I don’t like your music.

I used to be somewhat fond of Elvis until I found out he got ALL the credit for “Hound Dog” and while I’m not sure whether he actually mentioned, “Hey! This isn’t my song! You have Big Mama Thorton to thank!”, I have a feeling that he didn’t because you still have people thinking that he was the first person to originally record it.

But let it be known that most of my BLEH-ness toward the Beatles mostly comes from the fact that their music really doesn’t make a connection with me!

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What were you going for with that Obama/Trayvon/Jaron post? I don't understand how using drugs justifies you being killed or in the reverse that being a Christian makes you a good person. Also the President has his own demons like everyone else does so I don't why there's a problem with his statement that if he had a son he would look like Martin. Also you're comparing dying in war to a domsetic killing.

Well, first off:  Thanks for actually going to the source and asking, unlike all of the people who just feel the need to reblog it with their comments. That is the best way to get answers and clear up things without going through the meat grinder of brain matter that is tumblr.

Honestly I just posted it because I saw it on facebook and thought it was really stupid. 

And I even said on the post that I was posting it just because I knew tumblr would get their balls in their zippers about it.

But I guess along the massive game of fucking telephone that is tumblr, it was lost in the shuffle that I was posting it BECAUSE it was fucking stupid and now people think I was posting it because I agreed with it or some shit.

So where I was going with that post is “Hey look at this stupid thing”.