alexei ivanovich

about the name (pt 3 of 3)

The patronym!

Patronym is a personal name component that is based on the name of one’s father. In Russia it is obligatory and stands between name and surname in official documents. But Russia’s representation doesn’t have one, which makes sense, ‘cause countries don’t really have parents.

But! If you’re developing a human AU where Ivan is still from Russia, he and his sisters should definitely have a patronym! Here’s how you form one: Pick a male name. If its Russian form ends with Ч, Щ, Й or Ь - you need to add -евич (-yevich), plus get rid of  Й or Ь if they were at the end. If the name ends in any other consonant, add -ович (-ovich). If the name ends with a vowel, throw it away and add -ич (ich). Examples: Иван (Ivan) -> Иванович (Ivanovich). Алексей (Alexei) -> Алексеевич (Alexeyevich). Никита (Nikita - yep, it’s a male name here) -> Никитич (Nikitich). Ta-da~~~

And finally, Nyotalia!

So, as I was able to gather, fem!Russia’s accepted fanon name is Anna Braginskaya. I like this choice! Anna is indeed one of the most common female names here. Too bad it’s not the feminine counterpart to “Ivan” - that would be Yana or Zhanna, both descendants from Iōannēs, same as Ivan, but the latter is actually a mutated version of a French name - Jeanne.

Important!! Please note that the surname for Nyotalia verson is spelled Braginskaya (Брагинская), not Braginsky (Брагинский). Surnames of this type have gender-dependant endings. As do ALL patronyms! So if you need one for nyo!Russia, use the tutorial for male patronyms, but with -евна (-yevna) instead of -yevich, -овна (-ovna) instead of -ovich, and -ична (-ichna) instead of -ich.

That’s it, thank you for reading!!! :D


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