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Karl modeling his custom-fit nipple rings.

For those who asked, Kyle (who plays Karl) does NOT currently have his nipples pierced.  He selected some choice synthetic nips from Make Up Guru Alexei Dmitriew, who can’t even list the tasty chest jewelry as his best work for the episode.  

We’ll have more on Alexei’s intensive laboratory where he turned actors into meth-heads into zombies next week.

briansipemakeup: Behind the scenes in MTL representing Legacy Effects.
Alexei Dmitriew @hookuptattoos and I applied Oscar’s makeup for Apocalypse. This is for the end sequence where his armor gets blasted away. The Apocalypse makeup consisted of a urethane head piece, silicone neck/cowl, silicone forehead, face and lower jaw. It usually took us around 1 ½ hours to do the face makeup when he wore his armor. With the added silicone chest and back painting and tattoos (provided by Hook Up Tattoos) we added an extra 30 minutes to the application time.
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Here’s a cool Time-Lapse video of Make Up artist Alexei Dmitriew turning Erik Griffin into CYBORG MONTEZ.