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HEKSADACTYLICS CUP (original teaser) for Grave Board Clan

Byzond Pictures production 
for Grave Board Clan
© & ℗ 2011

Director & Editor : Alexei De Bronhe
Director of Photography : Natali Fi



Byzond Pictures:

Interview for ''Cologne 7th Fest''



Alexei DeBronhe
Belarussian videomaker


Interview: 10 questions

3. What kind of subjects have your films?

I can’t predict what I’d create. I feel that I’m developing and searching constantly, I’m madly curious and attentive to the details, Sometimes it bothers. Topics are varied – social and philosophic. At times experimental or horrors. Feature and documental. Might be even action thrillers. Whether a movie would be superb or a failure doesn’t depend on a genre. All genres are cool, what really matters is a director and a film itself. My latest work deals with the philosophy of space, its hidden energy and sacrality, that I feel with my heart, my soul and some other senses. This is a new genre of the documental cinema, which I created and explained theoretically. I call it CiNEMALISM.

4. How do you develop your films, do you follow certain principles, styles etc?

I always say that creating a film is a many-sided complex process and the result can be alike. 

Adapting literary piece is one of the ways, but I believe that too much “bookishness” can make the film lack the air. Often the scriptwriters create a terrific story but they may not feel the movie principles and peculiarities, they remain just writers, not scriptwriters. The script should live naturally but only on papers but at the film set. You should always follow the right proportion, because cinema is a complex art, a fusion, you should never forget about the perceptive, emotional part of it. I brood my films, nurture them, feel them, search for their emotional key. When I have the luck to find it, it starts living its own life. >From now on you can’t predict anything. It grows by itself and all you can do is only guide it and direct it. I’m always excited and scared by all the stages of film creating at the same time. They influence each other and blending different proportions of it, you can get an unexpected result…

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Поздравляем! Наш брат по цеху и резидент #GBC, тёмная лошадка и визионер электронной лайв сцены Беларуси #AlexeiDeBronhe будет играть лайв в топовое время на самом крупном событии балтийской сцены - Tallinn Music Week Festival 2015, на наш взгляд в самой передовой селекции Bass Music Showcase, о музыкантах которой мы расскажем подробнее!

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Новое тусэ от клана

event^ FB

event^ VK

4 площадки, открытый воздух и беспредел.
На фэсте клан делает свою фирмОвую (маде ин чайна таун) площадку, на которой будет справедливость и безумие. 

Бесплатный автобус будет ходить от ЖД вокзала, с автостанции «Дружная»
Иногородние гости при предъявлении билета будут иметь скидку ‒ вход по предварительной цене!

только живые проекты:

Grave Board Clan Wood Stage (live):

• ManuFUCKture Junglist’s
• Alexei De Bronhe
• nextspace
• Red Beton
• Orchestra de Bajkonur
• Extermination Dismemberment
Shakespeare’s Silhouette

Main stage (live):
• Energy
• Kick Fish

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Interview De Bronhe for 34mag!

English Version. Supa-Dupa Interview Alexei De Bronhe for [оригинал на беларуском]! (2011) 

Read ENG Version :

Alexei De Bronhe

 Alexei De Bronhe is the type of naturally giften person promoting underground indie filmmaking who embodies the perfect sense of the word “ action”. It’s inpossible to follow all his trendily defined activities. So far, being a 26-year old, he has already founded two labels – videolabel Byzond Pictures and a music one called Byzond records, created a music band Energy, gave birth to the new film genre “Cinemalism”, won several prizes for his short films and is already planning 3D arthouse cinema. 

But what is most important while dealing with him is to manage to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Juniors cinemalism

 The twilight of the houser neighbouring the building of the Seventh Day AdventistsChurch is suddenly full of the soviet synthesizers and the sound of the electropunk, smashing the ears away. Alexei meets me in the sexy jeans shorts, makes me seat down on the chair before the screen and switches on “cinemalism”, the new genre he has created. According to the filmmaker cinemalism is something like the cinematic examination of the space with the deliberate avoiding of dramaturgy or symbolism. The image, living it own life.

 Lesha says that he’s already tired of explaining the meaning of cinemalism which made him shoot a short video after watching which all the questions regarding the novelty of the genre will vanish.

Shooting for people is nonsense. That’s what I learned from Lesha when he phoned me something after 1 a.m. asking whether his pictures should be coloured or black and white. The artist shoots for himself and it’s the only chance for the work to find its audience. If we take cinemalism for instance, it is filled with DeBronhe’s souls and it’s the soul that bewitches you, not the plot line or storyboard. DeBronhe’s soul is also in the titles, that usually take one third of his film length. It’s not clear whether he is a perfectionist or a maniac, but he was preparing the exclusive sample of the Cinemalism #3 Lake of Mars for 34mag for about three days. He had to chose the only one right font among thousands and upload the sample to the Vimeo according to feng shui. In fact, he’s not rushing to put the new genre on the web. This is his strategy – the audience should attend the screenings. So, it’s only 34mag’s channel where you can watch a tine bit of it. Watch it and die.

Alexei says he breathes with music and lives with cinema. He was saving to buy a drummachine that now accompanies him at his live performances, for about 5 years. He was setting apart his scholarships, no beer with friends. He was looking at the picture in the catalogue for five years and when he finally got it, he knew how to play it. The dream of shooting his own film was nurtured for 20 years, until he finally made his first short film.

Lesha is only happy when this two kinds of art blend in one in his audiovisual salad. That’s why he sounds over his own and borrowed films on his soviet synthesizers, carefully gathered from various Belarusian post-soviet community centers. Look at this completely happy artist. And maybe you’ll se he’s streaming myrrh. 

If following your dream for 20 years doesn’t mean action for you, than post your “-1” in comments, get 43 “likes” and enjoy your own action of this page. Alexei doesn’t care. He’s already in some other galaxy.


Pearl thoughts by Alexei De Bronhe :

  • I grew up watching blockbusters like Rambo, Robocop.
  • I rewatch Revolver every week I guess, once a month is for sure.
  • I watched Fight Club 200 times. Not less.
  • There was a period when I watched it every day.
  • I know the script by heart and each line can be used in everyday life.
  • I’ve got a package upstairs… It contains cartoons. I was drawing it since I was eight.
  • Together with my brother we had a game – a chain of cinemas with the money we also drew by ourselves. I “screened” my cartoons and voiced them over. And this bastard was pirating! He stole and looked at the cartoons before I even fully painted them. So he never visited no opening night.

 "Filmmaker is a kind of elite artistic occupation that contains the whole mindset. He has to know a lot and understand even more. He even doesn’t have to shoot. He need and concept, description, hermeneutics. I didn’t shoot my film “Belarusization”. My brother captured a video of a toy train from several angles. And I grasped some sense in it. That’s how it appeared… “

"The author has to decode his art, this is his aim. And this is the mission of each and every artist, because in the beginning you are not able to decode all the symbols by yourself. Your semantic stock is just not enough.”

“ Ideally, I’d like to shoot 3D cinema. Arthouse will make a great breakthrough when it switches to the 3D technology. Can you imagine this revolution? It will bring the esthetic development of the whole mankind. Average people will powerlevel their intelligence although at first they will perceive it as an entertainment.”

“Cinema is my enemy. We all have to follow its formats. Your film ahs to be up to 2 hours, full length – about an hour and a half. I don’t give a fuck! The cinemas should be more democratic. They should also become indie.”

“For me the titles are one of the artistic elements in the film. If they are not perfect, it may just kill the final of the film. It’s annoying that people don’t watch the titles. I mean, this is the sort of respect to all the people that took part in the creation of the film. And it’s also the moment of reflection, the means of making the mood, unfold some implication of the film. I always sit in the cinema till the end of the subtitles and those dudes switch on the lights.”

“Hollywood is dead, rotten and is moving mechanically. Hollywood movies are like a grapefruit and here we get a banana altogether with the terrific awesome apple full of vitamin C. It all is wrapped in a leakfree super package made on the best super equipment, sprayed with super oils that make you even more cool – such a super-duper commercial stuff!.”

“You may become some nomadic outcasts. That how many Europeans act. Corey McAbbey that held a master-class there is a living image of me in future. He shot his own film “American  Astronaut”, played a role in it, and the soundtrack was created by his band. What’s more, he never released it, he’s travelling and showing it all around the world for about 10 years already. I believe Belarusians should do the same, travel, screen and tell about our. ”

  • “When they built the library I wanted to destroy it. I hate it from the bottom of my heart, but it’s the kind of “hatred-love”. My dream is to blow up its basement and let the building roll along the avenue up to the church and smashed Lenin’s monument. It could be turned into a fantastic motion-design by the way…”

“ I’m fully aware that I need at least 10 years more to shoot something serious and worthy.”

Alex’s projects:

  • Films
  • Music
  • Film Label Byzond Pictures
  • Music label Byzond Records
  • Energy
  • Grave Board-Clan
  • Audiovisual Lives



Что нас ожидает ? Крутейшее шоу и угар ! 2 танцпола :


• Фанк / соул / регги / инди рок / диско room от меломанов и коллекционеров редкого винила - #iKRA !

StwoneFat RodySunny SmilesSergienya

• и терраса под открытым небом от комьюнити электронной лайв сцены Беларуси - #GraveBoardClan, где эмСИ будут фристайлить сражаясь под живые биты, скрэтч баттл, онлайн трансляция от #TapeLive и живые выступления элетронщиков по bass, break-beat, hip-hop, footwork, juke, electro и jungle !!!

Alexei De Bronhe (bass music, jungle, trap)
Deech (future beats, juke, bass)
Kick Fish ! (Hip-hop Mash-Up + Scratch)
dǝFACED BY (Brakk Beat)

Курировать подбор сильнейших эмСИ (всего 6-8 участников) будут наши друзья из Street Beat! 

22:00 - 60т
23:30 - 80т

В промежутке перед финалом rap батла - небольшой скрэтчевый Чемп Фристайл на пластах

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Summer Happy Days!!!!
Street Party
@ ELPNK DZGN x Second Base x GBC

На улице рядом с крутым стрит шопом Second Base, в центре города шумела задорная приятная музычка! Все залипали непринуждённо. Это был прикольный совместный коллаб магазина, тусовки GBC и нового импринта одежды для любителей электронной музыки Elpnk_Dzgn.