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I want to thank everyone of my 800 followers for clicking that follow button, I have not been very helpful lately and sometimes I think why am I even in this community but then nice messages from some of you and the want for me to help you all always makes me stay. I love you all and hope you stay with me, especially now that I’m learning to use photoshop and that’s a big part of many rph blogs. Anyways I love you all and if I don’t include you please do not feel bad.

Shoutout to my 800th follower sidkneerps

R P H   L O V E S; these are the people I hold close to my heart

bangerzofrp (Misha)- I love you so so so much, and even though you’ve had to deal with my bad decisions sometimes you’re still the best and I absolutely adore roleplaying with you especially since we create bomb ships. I can honestly consider you one of my bestest friends out of the rp/h community and I’m so glad I met you, you’re wonderful and amazing. 

ladybugofrp (Morgan)- I have totally abandoned you and I’m so sorry, I promise after posting this I shall text you and love you forever, you were so sweet from the beginning and we have so much things in common, you’re truly the quickest person to be so nice and talk to me without getting bored.  I love you so much!

absideewrites (Absidee)- You are the sweetest and most patient person with me, I honestly love you so much in the little time we know each other, I honestly love the person you are and how you roleplay. I’m honored to roleplay with you and I hope I’m being a good friend. I love youuu.

R P H   C R U S H E S; these are the people I have been following for a long time or the ones I've talked more than once to

aaronhelps | akarshnarps | anastasiaofrp | annofrp | aprilrhodesrps | astridrps | athenaofrp | avarps | awitchrps | boofrp | beaverofrp | beckyrph | belleblakehelps | blondieofrp | brooklynofrph | buttershelps | chloeofrp | crystalhelpsxoxo | cusihelps | cuteofrp | dapperassistant | destinyhelps | eastwoodrps | edsheeranrps | ellieraeofrp |flameofrps | gabiofrp | gaysrph |georginahelps | harrysofrp | halesrph | hawkeyehelps | irmaofrps | issaofrp | katgrahamrph | kesha-helps | kittysykesofrp  | kristenrps | larryrpg | livyofrps | lydia-rph | lydsofrp | mandyrph | malikmanips | milkovichhelps | neeofrp | nellieofrp | neverlandofrph | niallrps | northrps | northhelps | nutellarps | omganotherrph | papiknows-rph | paygofrp | peace-rph | perkyrph | phoebsrph | plotsforall | poseyofrph | psychrph | psychictwinsrph | reblogsofrp | rikerhelps | ritassists | rphforyou | rpcomplaints | rpher | selenaservice | shelleyofrps | sidneyrps | sleepyrph | solashofrp | spunkransom-rph | stephanierps | supersoldierofrp | swansonrps | talksixtayorpstommoassists | vincentassists | wemmahelps | wintersoliderwrites | xandrarps | zoeyrph 

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Thank you again to all my lovely followers and don’t ever be afraid to talk to me or ask me questions. I wish I could become each and every one of your friends, but that is very impossible so if you every want or need to talk my inbox is open and so is my kik/aim if you ask for it. I’m terribly sorry if I missed anyone (note: these are the people that I follow. So I know I did not include all 800 users some of them are inactive)

**RPH loves category; expect something posted through out the next couple of days/weeks. Everyone else will be receiving a cute message from me, every single one listed here.

Yoooo, so I'm finally getting around to doing this for getting me to 500 followers. I could cry, I love you all so much even thouhg I hardly speak to anyone here. I'm just loving you all from a distance. I'd like to give a special shoutout to rianrps for the beautiful graphic.

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I just reached 1,000 followerskind of and I've been saying I would make a follow forever since I began rphing, I was supposed to finish this like 2 months ago, but Im rushing this and trying to finish at 11:50. I was gonna write a cute thing for everyone, but I had 5% battery and got lazy.

"Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.
No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone."


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Shamymitchelps THIRD ever follow forever and ever! Last time I made one I believe I had 500 followers and now you lot have gained me 200 more. I hope I continue to make friends <3 Don't ever hesitate to talk to me, I'm a great listener and sometimes I throw in a couple of jokes. Thank you again and don't feel bad if your name isn't here, just means you should talk to me more ;)

Special thanks to my 700th follower emmieofrp and shelleyofrps for the beautiful graphic.

♚ Shaymitchelps’ Royalty ♚

♥ voidassists (Misha)- You are the bomb diggity, I love you so so much and I'm glad we always make bomb ships. Thank you for being one of the few people that truly care for me and is always there for me too. I'm blessed to know that I can consider you one of my best friends even if we live miles apart. I love you so much and keep being awesome.

♥ gabiofrp(Gabi)Met you unexpectedly when I became co-admin of peculiar and every since I always tried being the best admin just to make you happy. You're an awesome girl and despite our arguments you hold a special place in my heart.

♥ neverlandofrph (Micaela & Ariel)- You both are the sweetest girls I've met and are honestly the best! I love you both and I'm so glad I met you and develop a friendship. Thank you for everything and keep being awesome.

✉ Followers that I’d like to talk to but I’m too shy and awkward ✉

✿prattrps ✿chloeofrp ✿rozhelps

✿ princessofrph ✿ dallasofrp ✿ eastwoodrps

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I recently hit 500+ followers and I feel like I finally need to do one of these.

Special mention-

Barakathelps: Basically you’re really awesome and probably one of my best friends on here. Also, you’re kind of a cabbage at times. But you’re the punk pop-est cabbage in the cabbage patch and you’re a really awesome writer and friend. 


You have some really awesome music taste and you’re really great yourself and basically you should just rule the world.


You’re really awesome and I love your blog so much?? 


You’re really fabulous and awesome.


You’re really cool and you make awesome stuff for the RPH community.

-The awesome people who make my dashboard a lot better-

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five hundred follower special: aislen's follow forever

As a huge thank you for reaching the milestone of 500 followers recently today, I thought I’d make a follow forever. Please don’t be mad if you’re not included, I promise I love you all to the end of time! No one is loved less or loved more. I spent, like, two hours on this, so. Sorry this isn’t alphabetical, too, I’m such a lazy ass. In any case, thanks so much for 500, and thank you for being an amazing person, as well as being beautiful. You might wanna use CTRL+F to find yourself in this whole thing.

so i only met you guys when we were working on the rp but yall are my family.

kay, steph, hannah (too lazy to ask yall for your blogs)

we've talked several times and i love you all already.

belindarps, casparleehelps, gemmastylesofrp, tayorps, allieofrph

we need to talk more because you're pretty cool.

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you're my inspiration to be honest.

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i went through my whole following list for you guys. you better feel special. i follow over eight hundred.

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Follow my five hundredth follower.


 thank you for being absolute angels ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Can you believe it’s been a year? I can’t, and it’s weird to think a year ago I made my first post as an rph–well, technically it was March 10th but I’m posting this late but still!! Actually, I’ve been an rph beforehand as “rph-troian” but I left because even then school was becoming hectic. But I came back on March 10th under the url “unpopularrph,” which is the url most of you know me by. There have been days when I wanted to give up on things but it was always the people I follow who really made me smile and I couldn’t thank you guys enough for that. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but you guys deserve all of my love and gratitude because you saved my life. I love you guys a lot and I’m looking forward for another rollercoaster, emotional, happy, teen wolf, feely, sad, and amazing year with you guys. I did not add a lot of urls like I used to because if you look back at all of my follow forevers, they expand a lot. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, you all are fabulous and perfect and don’t you ever forget it.

i'll be there for youuuuu, when the rain starts to pour. (。♥‿♥。)

  • ** I hold you all dear to me, and you need to know that. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would have left little blurbs as to why I love you guys so much but I haven’t found the time so maybe on random days I will go to your ask or submit and tell you all of the reasons you’re important to me. I’m not close to some of you in this list but I know that you have impacted my life in a big way or a small way but it’s still just as important. I will love you guys endlessly and thank you for everything you have done for me whether you know what it is or not. ♥

athenaofrp, barbsandcara-helps, charstineerph, dreammealullaby, frosven, gaysrph, hannahassists, hrryofrps, katgrahamrph, KRISTA, macklemore-helps, maevehelps, malikmanips, minnieperrie, NIA, peace-rph, polouroids, sprinkleofrp, storiesofrps, taylorps, thosekidz, zoeyrph, && everyone at wdacademyrp.

i'll be there for youuuuu, like i've been there before. (✿◠‿◠)

  • ** I love you all to pieces; you light up my dash and make me smile. You all are precious and I really want to be close with you all because you all seem like angels and you’re amazing.

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i'll be there for youuuuu, 'cause you're there for me too. (◕‿◕✿)

  • ** I just started following you, but you are all fabulous and cute and perfect, okay? I hope to get to know you all better because.. well you’re cute and you are beginning to light up my dash like everyone else and you make me smile and hi. c:

angel1x1, aislenrph, ajleerph, ardenrps, austinrph, badassofrph, bamhelps, bandcrph, brittnieofrp, broganrps, coud-berelated, crispyrph, deuryhelps, devorps, doperph, drickiofrps, dylinofrps, edurneassists, elsareviews, endloussly, freshieofrps, gravityhelps, killsrp, lalalanierps, lieselrps, lloydassists, lo-helps, lognlrmns, lovelessrps, lovemyscissors, mackofrph, niamof-rph, nogitsunerph, perrietalks, poseyfcpacks, ravenclawrps, saratalksrp, selsmanips, shaiofrp, shelbrps, sillyservices, swiftyofrph, tcchelps, tomlinrps, urbanbae, valrps, yasrph, zeldarps. 

thank you for helping my year be as fab as it was ♥

2013 is coming to an end, so i thought it would be a good idea to make a final hoorah. I’d just like to say without you guys this year would have been totally lame, and since joining the rph community my life has changed drastically ((for the better)) you guys are rad as fuck, and i hope you forever stay swaggy!!!!

“Maybe I’m wrong and all that you get is what you see.”

WOW without you guys i wouldn’t be able to make it this year. you guys are so amazing words can’t even start to describe frick i love you so much 

niallerofrph hemmign sammyofrph sleepyrph itsatardis thomaspadaleckis haley-webb chelirps nicholasrph mukeandcheese chapelhomie downonsanta

“But maybe I’m right and there’s something out there to believe”

I prob haven’t talked to you or ive only talked to you very vaguely but i still think you’re super duper cutie and will always have an extra special place in my heart!!


5secondsofgey 25daysofmurda 25x12 ackleki aimeeofrp akarshnarps alexarph alexassists alexrph aliyahofrp allifrost alyofrp ameerahofrp andrearps annahrps annikaofrp arirps ashtonbangme ashtonirrwns assexofrp assistrps astrifrps autumnofrps avahelps avarps babeassists babueofrp baby1x1 badassrps bangerzofrp barakathelps betches blainesrph briannarph brianofrps britrps broganrps brookeofrp brookofrp brownieofrp brunetteofrp bryhelps cabellofrps caitofrps callierps calum1x1 camaya camhristmas cammie1x1 candiiofrp candycanerps candyrp catierps charlieassists chicagohelps christmasrps cillianhelps claratyroleplays corvoattanorps courtneyhelps cubeyo cusihelps cutiesrph cyrusassists


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I was originally planning on posting this on the 23rd, which is my 1 year anniversary of being a RPH but I just hit 1k so I figured why not post it now as a thank you? Before that though, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who follows me. Even if we don't talk or I don't have you listed on here you still mean so much to me. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. So thank you for putting up with my stupidity and accepting me with open arms. You all are my family and I love you so much.

ps: if you're bolded it means ily and admire you from afar and we really should be friends.

♡ special shoutout to kourtney aka my babe aka kourtinahelps bc she was my 11/12/13 and i love her to death. keyonce is the otp. ♡

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Wowza, four hundred followers so I’m gonna make my first Follow Forever ever. Because you guys are my faves and I love you all (even if I’ve never talked to you but that’s probs because I’m a lil’ scaredy cat and I’m nervous to talk to you guys.) Anyways, thank you all for following me and bunches of kisses being sent to you all!

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Lily’s Follow Forever!

When I first made this blog I used it mainly for something to distract me during a rough time, but now seven months later it’s much more than that. It’s an excellent distraction, yes, but it’s also a place where I’ve met and kept in touch with some of the loveliest people I’ve ever known. Even if we’ve never talked before I adore you nonetheless and hopefully one day we do get a chance to chat. I’m honestly in shock that I have four hundred freakin’ followers. Seriously. I don’t know how any of you deal with me and my ridiculous posts, but just know that I appreciate all of you so much. Alright, I’m finished with my sappy rant and now I’ll tell you about the lovely people you need to follow. 

the ones who make me smile day in and day out 

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Also another thanks to the lovely thiscowboyisrunningfromhimselfff for making this amazing graphic for me! I adore you!