• Kalinka (Berlin concert)
  • Vladimir Nikitin

Kalinka - Red Army Choir

Berlin Peace Concert feat. Victor Nikitin

First audio post! This song is traditionally known as the calling card of the Choir. At the time of the Berlin Peace Concert, the ensemble was in the middle of a grueling tour of all the places that Russia had flattened during the war. Despite this, thousands of people gathered amidst the rubble to hear the voices of the conquerors. 

Nikitin sang three encores at this concert. He was then known as “Mr. Kalinka”. 

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You are at this tumblr because you have excellent musical taste–namely, you have stumbled upon the greatest ensemble of military music in the world: The Twice-Red Bannered Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army named for Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov.

You probably know them as the Red Army Choir. 

In this blog you will find daily postings of audio recordings, video, photos, fun facts, and utterly shameless fangirling related to the Alexandrovci over their entire history, spanning more than 75 years.

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