alexandro fransisco suarez virta marroquin marciera

things bandom finds convenient to forget

- gabe saporta is a latinx immigrant. he was an illegal immigrant for 3 years
- gabe’s also jewish. he posts about judaism regularly
- gabe also was addicted to prescription drugs for a while, but he isnt anymore
- alex suarez is spanish. his full name is alexandro fransisco suarez virta marroquin marciera (say that 10 times fast)
- alex gaskarth was in an abusive relationship when he was 18/19 with a 25 year old married woman.
- coffeeshop soundtrack and six feet under the stars are both about alex’s relationship with her
- jack barakat is lebanese. his parents and he immigrated from lebanon during the lebanese civil war
- william beckett struggles with anxiety and had anorexia as a teenager
- william also has a stutter
- gerard way relapsed during danger days, and had an ed throughout touring danger days
- gerard had/has hallucinations and thats what maya the physic is about
- mikey way & pete wentz & halsey are bipolar
- brendon has adhd and one of the first songs he wrote was called ‘ritalin’
- patrick stump has adult onset adhd
- joe trohman has mild ocd
- joe’s also jewish