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TWD Season 7 Episode 8

Negan shaving & cooking/ Carol & Morgan 

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Daryl getting out/ Aaron & Rick in the boat/ Aaron getting grabbed or falling out of said boat/ Michonne & the red headed chick/ That glance between Morgan & Carol when they were talking to Richard/ Spencer & Negan/ Rosita pulling her gun & shooting Lucile/ Eugene speaking up/ the person watching Gabriel

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Olivia and Tara

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Daryl flipping a table/ Maggie’s cravings and the guy on watch at hilltop being like ‘dude give her the apple’ 

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Richonne/ Michonne’s speech/ Maggie seeing Rick & CO/ Daryl & Jesus/ Everyone hugging Daryl/ Daryl giving Rick his revolver back  

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Spencer’s death

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Olivia’s death

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Aaron getting beaten by the saviors

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“This is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls.”

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