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thought came to me– it was mentioned a lot, both by alex & interviewers, that eycte has a lot of references to dreams. considering some people’s experience of seeing alex a little ‘off’ as well as his skiddishness w/ answering when things are happenening, maybe he’s just tired. like, physically tired. maybe he just doesn’t sleep enough.

he’s been touring since he was like, what, sixteen, something ridiculous like that? between AM & tlsp & the submarine soundtrack & writing w/ miles & alexandria savior the bastard has at least 11 albums he’s worked on in ten years. he said in one interview he wants to get back to writing like a song every day or something insanely frequent like that.

I don’t think he sleeps very much.


The Alte sword, dated to 1795. This weapon is one of the most mysterious and perhaps tragic gifts given to George Washington. It was commissioned and personally engraved by Theophilus Alte of Solingen, a city renowned for the supreme quality of its steel. Washington wrote to John Quincy Adams in 1796:

“Some time ago… I read in some gazette… announcing that a celebrated artist had presented, or was about to present to the President of the United States a sword of masterly workmanship, as an evidence of his veneration &c. &c. I thought no more of the matter afterwards, until a gentleman with whom I have no acquaintance, coming from and going to I know not where, at a tavern I never could get information of, came across this sword (for it is presumed to be the same) pawned for thirty dollars; which he paid, left it in Alexandria, nine miles from my house, in Virginia with a person who refunded him the money and sent the sword to me. This is all I have been able to learn of this curious affair. The blade is highly wrought, and decorated with many military emblems…”

A few months after receiving the weapon, a letter arrived from Theophilus Alte addressed to the president. In it he wrote that his son Daniel was traveling to personally deliver the sword to Washington, with the hope that he would protect him from an unspecified danger. Daniel Alte never appeared and his fate will probably never be known, nor the reason why the sword wound up at that tavern.

Mount Vernon’s website describes this as a horseman’s sword, and it would indeed have been a formidable weapon for a mounted soldier, resembling the straight swords favored by heavy cavalry of the period. The weapon is 39.5 inches long overall. The guard is gilt brass, composed of two upturned quillons and a simple knuckle bow. The grip is bound with leather and copper wire, with gilt backstrap and pommel. The blade is double-edged and decorated with intricate emblems, scrollwork and writing. The words on the left side read thus, translated from German:


Theophilus Alte at Solingen.”

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