alexandria johnson


“Hated by many, wanted by plenty. Not my fault everybody loves me.”

→ Alexandria Dawson || 17 || Junior || FC: Kaya Scoldelario || OPEN

+ curious, trusting, intriguing.

- honest, pessimistic, cocky.

Alexandria has a way with words, just not the right way- she’s sarcastic, negative, manipulative but people can’t help but nevi her killer body and gorgeous face. Alex is constantly the talk of the town and weather she’s just going to school or partying, it never goes unannounced. Although she tries to pretend like she doesn’t care, she craves the attention; and when she doesn’t get it, all hell breaks loose. But, deep down, I mean very deep.. Alex is caring and generous. She wants nothing but the world for her brother, Matt because truthfully, he’s all she has left.

What most people don’t know is that once upon a time, Alex didn’t live in Oakland and believe it or not, was actually sweet.  Alexandria grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. You could say Alex had everything she could ask for; caring parents who wanted nothing but the best for Alex and her brother, a big house with all the room in the world to run around and they’re family was beyond finically stable. It was every child’s dream and everything was going smoothly for the Dawsons. - That was until a drunk driver killed the Dawson parents. After that, everything spiraled out of control. Alex and Matthew were forced to move to Oakland with their grandmother, who Alex likes to call a “psychotic bitch who can’t respect anyone’s privacy.”

That was 4 years ago, now there’s a thin red line between Alex and people; she doesn’t talk much and when she does it’s probably something bitchy. Huge walls are up in fear of people leaving, just like everyone else did. Now a days, she feels as if she can never truly be happy so she wastes her life away with drugs and alcohol just for the hell of it. Blow, LSD, mary jane, glass - you name it, she’s done it.

  • Status: Single.
  • Relations: Siblings with Matthew Dawson.
  • Shh, don’t tell but: she has maniac depression & spent her freshman year in an insane asylum for teens. 

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