—> List of French Names for Females 

I’m not sure if anyone’s already made a masterlist like this but either way, I’m going to make one of my own. Here’s a little bitty list of a bunch of French names for girls that I’ve collected to help anyone who needs for their character or muse (some of them have their English derivative as well if you’d like to use that). Please like/reblog if using and if you have any other suggestions for names that you think might help out than feel free to tell me and I’ll add it along with credits to you.

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Fashion Friday!!!

Some historical Egyptian ornament for your Friday.

View of Bedouin girl in Egypt. Handwritten on front: “Apkar.” Handwritten on back: “67. Bedouine, Bedouin girl, nomad tribes of the desert.” Stamped on back: “Alban, photographe, 13, rue Fouad, 1er, Alexandrie, telephone 29131."  Date:1924

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library
Virgo triumphat Alexandri!
Alexander the Great loses at Gaugamela

I just finished reading Nemesis Games, in which the characters wonder what would have happened if Darius III had not tried to retreat from the Battle of Gaugamela. The larger Persian army might well have won. Well? And then what?

Let’s say Alexander himself survives. There are good chances of that, either because he was good at not dying in battle or because he was captured and ransomed. He and his army still have control over a pretty big chunk of the known world, from the Danube to the upper Nile to (after some negotiations with the Persians) the river Euphrates.

So there is no Selucid Empire, and perhaps a smaller Maurya Empire with no vacuum to expand into. That might butterfly away Buddhism and Jainism, reduced to mere varieties of Hinduism. But there is still a Hellenistic period. In fact, with an Alexander allowed to die of old age, there might be a centralized Hellenistic Empire stretching west to include Carthage (cause who else did they have to invade?), running up against the territory of the expanding Roman Republic. Who wants to bet Alexander III does a better job against the Romans than Hannibal?