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who are some good people to watch on youtube?? i'm bored of netflix

navathebeast (military/fitness/my boyfriend)
nick bare (military/fitness)
rob marino (cheat day eating videos/fitness. him
and his fiancé are so cute)
drip46 (military/humor)
heidi somers (fitness)
nikocado avocado (mukbangs)
army barbie (army duh but this bitch is so funny)
cambria joy (lifestyle/wellbeing/pisces older sister figure)
olivia jade (beauty)
bella fiori (beauty/i love her mystery monday videos)
alwayshungry (ED recovery/cheat day eating videos)
josh garza (military/vlogs/also my boyfriend)
yoga with adriene (all time fave for yoga)
sarahbethyoga (2nd all time fave for yoga)
kendall rae (i like her conspiracy/crime videos)
edyn jacks (what i eat in a day’s/i just love her personality)
morgan taylor (fitness/vlogs/she’s a kindergarten teacher too!)
marie j (beauty)
alexandrea garza (beauty/fashion)
a classroom diva (she’s so cute omg she teaches 3rd grade)

Pastel Fashion Masterpost

Based upon Pastel Bomb - Fashion Blog

Finally did it. Finally made a clothing & tutorial master post, including all of the references I use. Will be updated as more are discovered. 

Table of Contents: 

♥ Pastel Goth & Nu Goth ♥

  1. Major Shops - General
  2. Major Shops - Shoes
  3. Etsy Shops - General
  4. Etsy Shops - Accessories
  5. Storenvy Shops
  6. Big Cartel Shops

♥ Tutorials ♥

  1. Hair
  2. Make Up
  3. Nails
  4. DIY - Clothing, Accessories, Etc.

♥ Discount Codes ♥

♥ Shopping Blogs ♥

♥ The Master List: ♥☽

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The Survivor X Reader

Word Count: 608

Request: Anon

Request: TWD, Reader is in a fortified supermarket with lifetime of food, heavily fortified with reinforcement and weapons. But they are mentally unstable (voices in head, writing on walls, very creepy) so stays alone. Group encounters them before Alexandrea but is forced to leave because of their mental state. Later during Alexandrea’s food shortage they are forced to go back for the food and supplies.

Originally posted by omgkcjade

You’d been alone since the beginning there were people who passed through occasionally but they never stayed because you were insane, everything from voices to creepy messages on the wall but you did have a lifetime supply of food and ammo, no one had thought that any of that was worth sticking around but so you would be the only one that had anything left in the world.

Rick and the group had been looking for somewhere to settle for a little bit just to restock on food and ammo that they could find so that they would be able to start moving again, they came across a fortified supermarket and decided that they should probably stop, there had to be supplies in there even if there were no people. After what seemed like forever they found a way around the dead that were milling around outside and into the supermarket, Rick and Daryl were at the front with the rest of the group following behind when they walked in there was a number of weird messages on the walls that all seemed to be in blood. Rick looked over and saw one that read ‘they say there is someone crazy here.’ and then a little under it said 'look around you might find them.’ Rick frowned but ordered that they all go in groups and take whatever they could find, everyone came back empty handed. “No one found anything?” Rick asked and everyone shook their head.
“Why is this place so heavily fortified if there’s nothing here?” Daryl asked.
“Maybe it’s a trap.” A voice no one recognised suggested and they all look to find you laying across on of the empty counters.
“Who are you!?” Rick asked as the people closest to you stumbled back and away from you.
“It’s intriguing isn’t it.” You mumbled to yourself. “I know they asked me a question, I just don’t feel like answering.” They all looked at little confused. “Knowing your name has a lot of power.”
“Who are you talking to?” Rick asked.
“The voices…” You answered shrugging. They all looked at you and you smiled before getting up and flinging the shotgun back carelessly to rest on your shoulders. “The food is in that… General direction and the Ammo is on the opposite side.” You began walking away but you were stopped by a voice.
“Why are you helping us?” It was Daryl.
“Why not?” You asked shrugging before disappearing.

It had been Months since Rick and the group had left you but now it seemed that you were their only hope, you were the only person that he knew that had access to food and ammo and had nothing to do with Negan. “Hello!” Rick called.
“Why do we know that voice?” He heard you ask as you appeared from somewhere. “Oh, he’s the one that was here before, that’s weird people don’t usually come back.” You mumbled to yourself “Yeah I know that! It still doesn’t explain why he came back.”
“We need something from you,” Rick admitted and you looked at him twisting your head to the side.
“Where are the others?” You asked. “There are people missing.”
“Who?” Rick asked.
“There was another guy with you, I remember him he was the only other person to talk to me.” You noted.
“Daryl was taken from us but that’s why we’re here if we get some food and other supplies then we’ll be able to get him back,” Rick explained and you nodded.
“Well, you know where everything is!” You called leaving them to themselves.
“She’s trusting,” Jesus said.
“No, she’s crazy.” Rick corrected.

*Part 2*

Requests and general question!

Maxims from Artemis

I just did a very intensive prayer with Her, and I received a lot of information from Her, so I want to post it!


Context: I started the prayer, asking for Her to help my S/O feel happier and more content with our current life situation.

“[You are not a woman]. I will not answer your prayers. I will give you the guidance you need to answer them yourself.”

  • Encourage her [’her’ in any of these means my S/O] more.
  • Help her love herself.
  • Help her be happy by herself.
  • Help her better herself.
  • Listen to her.
  • Serve her.
  • You both need to be more spiritual.
  • Be more independent.

“If you wanted love advice go to Aphrodite. This is life advice.”

  • Have faith.
  • Trust in the Theoi.
  • Trust in YOURSELF.
  • Have fun. Enjoy life. Enjoy youth.
  • Don’t grow up too quickly.
  • Explore your identities.
  • Stick up for yourself!
  • Accept that things will never be ideal, but you can always make things better. The Gods are on your side.
  • Stay optimistic. Stop worrying.

“I suppose this can be called advice for happiness.”

  • Love nature more.
  • Don’t spill wax.
  • Don’t insult the Gods. Serve them.
  • Treat her like a fucking Queen.
  • Take care of your children.
  • Fight anyone who wrongs Alexandrea [one of my children, who is disabled].
  • Fight oppression.
  • Take care of your candles.
  • Care for your pets.
  • Appreciate modern life.
  • Parents are not deserving of respect unless they earn it.
  • The patriarchy is shit.
  • Love is beautiful.
  • She really loves you and you really love her. That’s perfection in itself.

“Find a temple in your own home.”

“You only find true beauty when you look at it in the light of night.”

  • Takes notes.
  • Tell Thalia [a friend of mine who is an Artemis devotee] she’s a little punk.
  • Zeus is a little bit annoying, all fathers are.

“Be the better person. Help those in need even if they have wronged you entirely. Always. No excuses. The Gods value Xenia, not pride.”

“Don’t call away the Theoi. We call you away when your service is rested.”

  • Stay close to the altar.

“The Theoi will challenge you. You are held to Our standards.” 

“Your fate is up to you, but the Gods will support you through it all.”


More members of the British Royal Family arriving for the Queens annual Christmas luncheon. 

Photo by Nick Ansell/PA Images via Getty Images

Crazy *Part 2*

The Survivors X Reader

Word Count: 777

Requested: Anon

Request: Part 2 for Crazy where the group brings reader back to Alexandrea

*Part 1*

Originally posted by hardyness

You realised that the next time that they visited it had only been a few weeks and they came back, you were laying across the counter like the first time that they had met you “You got him back then?” You asked holding you hand you against the light coming through the ceiling.
“We did.” Rick nodded.
“Need more stuff?” You asked. “I don’t know I die.” You answered the voice that scolded you asking what you would do when there was nothing left.
“No we came back for you,” Rick answered carefully.
“What do you want with me?” You asked. “They don’t want to kill me… You don’t want to kill me do you?”
“We don’t want to kill you, but we will if we have to,” Daryl said stepping forward.
“Like your honesty.” You said pointing over in his general direction.
“We want to take you somewhere safe,” Rick explained.
“Because?” You asked.
“Because someone very dangerous is going to end up coming here and he will kill you,” Rick explained and you looked at him.
“Are you talking about Negan?” You asked. Rick frowned. “He was weird he didn’t want to kill us though.”
“How do you know him?” He asked and you looked at him.
“He came here said that someone followed you guys here and he wanted to know what I gave you.” You explained.
“What did you tell him?” Rick asked.
“I told him to look around, told him there was nothing to take, and he found nothing, even with his bat pointed at my head.” You rolled off the counter and landed on your feet. “I do have a debt to repay.” You answered. “We make a mess everywhere we go, doesn’t mean we can clean one up too.”
“Are you sure about this?” Jesus asked as you all walked out.
“She’ll probably save all of our lives,” Daryl mumbled as he watched the way that you moved, you were almost silent and the dagger in your shoe didn’t go unnoticed either.

Later that week Negan came knocking he was looking for Daryl who wasn’t there but they found you and that was good enough for me “calm down I have a plan.” You mumbled to yourself as they walked you out in front of everyone, they pushed you down on your knees in front of Negan.
“Ah, there you are!” He said gesturing you “you see we went back to see you and you weren’t there we wondered where you run off to especially since we told you not to leave.”
“What can I say I’m a glutton for punishment.” You shrugged, you eyes looking to see who was the most solid on their feet you noted that the girl had a lazier stance so you took your chance kicking her feet out from under her grabbing her gun and knocking her out with it before pointing the gun at the other guard.
“I told you I had a plan. Now shut up I’m trying to concentrate.” You mumbled.
“Sweetheart you’re new to this so I’ll give you a chance to hand me the gun back,” Negan ordered but you didn’t move, your eyes never left the man holding the gun at you and you didn’t lower your gun either.
“Or?” You asked out of curiosity.
“I kill you.” He answered.
“Well, my clock stopped ticking the moment my head filled with straw.” You mumbled.
“You think I won’t do it?” He asked.
“I know you will but people like me we fear living far more than we fear dying.” You answered, “you see my problems only extend to my living body once I die my mind is cured and the voice stop, the images stop, the messages stop but if you don’t kill me I continue the way that I am now and honestly I’ve been doing this so long that I wouldn’t bother me to go back.”
No one had ever seen you so serious before and it had suddenly become scary, everything about you made people think or a lighthearted teenager but right now you sounded like a grown woman who had been dragged through hell. Negan looked at you before gesturing for the man to put the gun down, you eased up immediately and threw the gun at him before looking at Negan. “Anything else?”
“No.” He answered glaring at you, you only smiled, he could see the fire dancing behind your eyes and as he watched you walk back into the house you were dragged out of he knew that he needed to get rid of you before you caused a problem for him.

Requests and general question!

Jealous Type - Daryl Dixon

Prompt: Hey can you do a jealous Daryl imagine? Btw loved your shortcake imagine(:

Requested By: nicolelynnl1327

Sorry this one short

He didn’t like it. He simply did not like it. He would never like it because he liked her. He just didn’t know he liked her. He wasn’t the type of guys for all of that, or at least he thought he wasn’t.

(Y/N) had been talking to some of the guys from Alexandrea, but there was one man that just stared at her body. Not at her, but her body. She hadn’t really noticed, because she didn’t care about the man from the ASZ in that kind of way.

Rick was with Daryl, on the porch of the house while (Y/N) was talking to that man at the sidewalk. Rick could see it. He could see the burning in Daryl’s eyes, the burning that was jealously. He looked over to the two at the sidewalk, seeing the man inching closer to (Y/N). Rick stepped in front of Daryl,as to not let him by.

“Rick.” Daryl said lowly, looking at the leader.

“We can’t just go around bating the hell out of people because were jealous.” Rick said. He could see the dangerous look in Daryl’s eyes, but he was willing to risk getting hit if it meant no one else got hurt.

“I ain’t jealous.” Daryl said, then tried to gt past Rick until he saw (Y/N) coming towards the house. He didn’t see the guy with her anymore and was a bit more calm.

(Y/N) looked at the two, then walked passed them. “Man Daryl, never took you for the jealous type.” She said, winking at him as she passed him. She opened the door and enter the house, making sure have his attention, then slammed the door.

Rick was chuckling at the childish antics. He looked from the door to Daryl. He stayed silent as h watched Daryl’s face morph into that of a confused and embarrassed expression. He patted him on the back, shaking his head.

Ash's 2K Writing Challenge: Guys Like Him (Negan x Olivia Smut)

Summary: This is the second one-shot that I’ve written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s 2k Writing Challenge! It’s a smutty, little story about Negan and Olivia that takes place after the events of All Out War (so, comic spoilers after this point!) while Negan is in jail. After messing up his bath schedule, Olivia has to get Negan clean all by herself. This, ironically, leads to both of them getting nice and dirty. If you know what I mean!

Word count: 3,560

Warnings: Smut, Negan, Negan being Negan, Comic Negan being Comic Negan, cunnilingus, hand job, fucking, and more!


My other Ash’s 2K Writing Challenge one-shot is called Double Dare, and can be found here:

Or you may also enjoy my longer, but equally silly Negan fanfic, Embracing the Apocalypse, which you can find here: 

Guys Like Him

The sun was just beginning to rise as Olivia stepped onto the wooden deck that surrounded the front of her home, a cup of coffee in hand. Her bare feet hit the dew-slick, painted wood which was still cool from the night before. She took a sip from the mug clasped tightly in her hands, and inhaled the scent of lilacs that thickened the air with their scent, bringing a smile to her face. It was springtime in Alexandrea, and today was going to be a good day. She could tell by the way the birds sang in the trees while the sun’s rays painted the horizon a pale pink. Today was going to be good, and no one was going to mess it up for her.

Re-entering her home just long enough to slip on a pair of flats, Olivia finished the last sip of sweet, dark liquid in her mug before placing it in the sink. Her shoes made a soft whispering sound against the carpeted floor as she returned to the front door again, meaning to leave the house and start another day of work. She stopped suddenly and exclaimed, “Shoot! I almost forgot the keys again.”

She made her way to her bedroom on the second floor and briefly searched through a hamper filled with dirty clothes before finding the jeans she had been wearing the day before. Sticking a hand in the right, front pocket of the garment, her fingers found what they had been looking for: the keys to Alexandrea’s “jail”.

The jail was a vacant building on the outskirts of the small community that had been created to hold citizens who had transgressed the rules of their society.  Currently, only one cell was occupied. It sat in the furthest corner of the house’s basement and held their only long-term prisoner: Negan, the former leader of the Saviors.

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Honey, pick your head up. The first time a boy calls you flat chested, laugh in their face. When someone makes fun of your bright pink shoes, stomp on their foot and hold your head high. You do not have to wear a skirt to Easter mass, if you want green over pink you speak up. Don’t let this world of people tell you who you are, you are yourself, scream it for everyone to hear. When that first boy breaks your heart, run to me. I won’t ever let anyone hurt you angel.
—  5 years old today, 16 years old tomorrow. Letters to your future self.
New Adventures - Chapter 4

Synopsis: Dwight gives Elizabeth her job assignment, and Negan decides he needs to have a little talk.


Characters: Negan, Elizabeth (My OC), Dwight, Arat

Word Count: 2,780

Warnings: Negan’s dirty mouth, eventual smut, fluff

*Don’t forget to read the other chapters! The masterlist is HERE.

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

               You woke up the next morning to a knocking on the door. “Hey, new girl, it’s time to get up. We got work to get done.” It was Dwight, bright and early as he’d promised the previous night. Today was the day you’d get your work assignment. You decided you were going to make the most of this new situation and torment Negan every way you possibly could without getting yourself into too much trouble.

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