alexandre trudeau

Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau delivers a right hook to his older brother Justin Trudeau (current Canadian Prime Minister) during a play fight in 1980 at Ottawa airport, as the boys await a flight with the return of their father, then-prime minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Nobody was injured. Justin Trudeau born in 1971, and his brother Alexandre (Sacha) Trudreau 1973 - both on Christmas day.

Ottawa, Canada, 1976. - Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (father of the actual Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) and his wife Margaret Trudeau, and their sons: Justin Trudeau (actual Canadian Prime Minister) on the left side and Alexandre Trudeau, at an official ceremony in Ottawa, Canada.

A Trudeau family photo that bleeds patriotism.  You can almost see the sugar from the Timbits smeared on the faces of the children and smell the Molson Canadian lingering on PE’s breath.  I imagine Margaret smells like maple syrup or baked McIntosh apples.