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CThe new underground isn’t in the US or England or in Australia. It’s in some odd and non English speaking country you never imagined to have a scene. A place where the international media rarely go, where riding is still very much a weird thing. It’s in these pocket underground scenes where riders are riding spots that you never saw, doing tricks that reflect their environment and tastes. It’s kind of what made New York riding cool when the media was focused on what was happening in California. 

France is a scene thats slowly poppin. Paris spots with their interesting architecture and history have been showing up in videos for a while but its riders have always been slept on. The Marie Jade crew has taken it themselves to make a name for their country and their work has definitely been noticed. With riders like Joris Colomb, Anthony Perrin, Courage Adams, Alexandre Valentino and Nico Badet all picked up by major sponsors, they’ve definitely put on the French scene. 

What I also really enjoy about the Marie Jade crew is the level of a detail they put into with anything associated with their name. From the videos to the garments, there is a certain unique aesthetic that remains true to everything. I’d like to imagine that comes from the French appreciation of the arts, a mentality that created some of the most well recognized pieces in fine art history by Frenchmen. This is Marie Jade video is definitely one of them for at least in BMX. The riding is great but how its edited makes it really standout. It does a good job in really immersing you into their scene and aesthetic.

MArieJADE - TheMilkShake7 (2014)

/Crystal by Clams Casino

/Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse (remix by Alexandre Valentino)

/The Running Rage by the Go! Team

/La Rue Cause(DJ Mehdi) by Karlito

/Outro(instrumental) by NTM

Edited by Alexandre Valentino