I'm really working on my ass this "off season"

It’s not really an off season since I’m ready to compete again, but I’m not working with my trainer till 8 weeks before this show so I’m making up my own workouts. This was today’s


superset 5x10
-seated leg press wide
-seated leg press narrow

superset 3x10
-weighted step ups w/kick back
-bosu ball squats

3x15 hip abductor triset
-regular position

4x10 glute kickback machine
-20 high knees between sets

superset 3x12
-laying hamstring curls
-leg extension

4x10 hack squat

50 standing calf raises

10 minutes hiit on bicycle

Highlights of my booty workout

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Personal- Boobies

I’m really sad that losing weight means losing boobies. I had to trade bras with my little sister cuz she’s got big ol thangs & I’ve got these lil mosquito bites. The only time I have tatas is when I’m preparing to die for a week.

Lol but isn’t sad that while getting healthy & increasing the quality of my life, I’m so concerned about being a part of the itty bitty titty committee?