Made a pink cake. Carved it into a brain. Made a straight jacket with tights on my head. Sat in my haunted asylum kitchen. Thought about being powerless and my position in society. The removal of touch from constraining… lack of sight from mask pushing my eyelids down… no noise… no smell. A surreal experience I didn’t enjoy. Being still and immobile for such a long period of time forces contemplation; a state I need to assume more however. And made me appreciate time, or rather the appreciation of having the knowledge that time is still passing.

My ‘cobwebbed’ sculpture… taking ideas from Liang Shaoji’s Nature Works series using silkworms to embalm and encase various objects. These works at the Art of Change show at the Hayward Gallery are sensational. Transforming, evolving, live; is it a performance, however slowed down the movement occurs, or a metamorphosing sculpture? They present themselves as ancient artifacts preserved in these web-like cocoons, or perhaps some futuristic alien forms found in films like The Matrix or Alien.

I tried the free-flowing ‘limbs’ hanging from the ceiling, as an obstruction in doorways and placed within, but still protruding, from cupboards. However I enjoyed the form most just left abandoned in the corner. I keep feeling the need to get inside my sculptures - they are just cases after all…. and seeing what life is like ‘from the view of an artwork’ feels slightly exhibitionist. Making a film or recording somehow of peoples reactions from within the sculpture is my next expedition.


A selection of my sketches… I build forms from a base upwards; pouring, stacking, balancing, spearing, glueing. I enjoy the effects of weight and the conflict between suspension and gravity. I want to make these forms out of transparent/semi-opaque materials (plastics, mesh fabrics, glues, sparse constructions) so will need to discover a way of holding the shape of the protruding spindles… manipulation of plastics is always (ironically) quite an organic process due to the lack of control when melting them so could be effective.

-Reference to Matt Collishaw exhibition