Simon Kinberg directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Jessica Chastain is being eyed for the villain role.

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And the returning cast includes Kodi Smitt McPhee, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Hedy Lamarr serves serious style goals in Robert Z. Leonard’s Ziegfeld Girl (1941).

Watch a documentary about the work and influence of this actress and tech innovator at Tribeca.


La La Land, Hidden Figures and Doctor Strange were among the movies whose costumes won at the Costume Designers Guild Awards 2017. Here is the complete list of winners. Congratulations!

Excellence in Contemporary Film: Mary Zophres for La La Land

Excellence in Period Film: Renee Ehrlich Kalfus for Hidden Figures

Excellence in Fantasy Film: Alexandra Byrne for Doctor Strange

Outstanding Contemporary Television Series: Lou Eyrich and Helen Huang for
American Horror Story: Roanoke

Outstanding Period Television Series: Michele Clapton for The Crown

Outstanding Fantasy Television Series: Michele Clapton and April Ferry for Game of Thrones

Excellence in Short Form Design: Ami Goodheart for Pepsi Momotaro feat. Jude Law

the perfection of Alexandra Daddario

Quando lo avevo vicino, provavo una travolgente felicità, capace di ridurre il resto del mondo ad un semplice rumore di sottofondo. Era come se fossimo racchiusi in una bolla che solo un terremoto avrebbe potuto far scoppiare.
Alexandra Daddario Gif Hunt

Under the cut you will find 90 small and large, HQ gifs of Alexandra Daddario in the movie Texas Chainsaw 3D , ALL made by me.DON’T REPOST or claim them as your own! Like or Reblog if you use. Thanks and enjoy :)

Aqui tem 90 gifs (pequenos e grandes) da Alexandra Daddario no filme Texas Chainsaw 3D , TODOS feitos por mim. Não repostem ou fiquem com os créditos do meu trabalho! Eles foram feitos para ajudar pessoas comwebs/fanfics/RPG, apenas. Like ou Reblog se usarem! Obrigada, e aproveitem :)

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