“I thank God for the suffering.“

Three years ago, human society was rocked by the knowledge of the existence of supernatural creatures. From witches to vampires, werewolves to shapeshifters, representatives from each sect gradually made their species known in the name of peace and coexistence but their reveal was greeted with human fear and retaliation. Neighbor turned on neighbor in suspect of these creatures living among them to the point of the government passing a law deeming supernaturals unfit to live on a human level.

By this law Echo was created, a safe town where supernaturals could prove their innocence with the assistance of humans. The program brands and pairs a human with a member of the supernatural species: the creature acts as a bodyguard while the human vouches the creature worthy of being equal to humans. Yet the process is painful, and permanently opens a channel of feelings, thoughts and life experiences between the paired two. Should the supernatural fail to protect their partner, their chance at living an equal life is shot, while all residents work against the human government and various sects of supernatural and radical humans threatening to breach their walls.

Welcome to Echo, Pennsylvania. Your partner will be assigned to you shortly, and the struggle for life and peace begins now. Echo HQ is an open and active, pair rp, looking for more creatures hidden in the shadows and the humans willing to give them a chance. Come check us out!

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