alexandra wilson

my name is Matt,
and wen its nite,
or wen my billboard
is shiyning brite,
and all fisk’s men
ar defeated as planned -
i stay up late.

i fite the hand.

falloutjessica111  asked:

Hey Dere I'm new here and I LOVE ur blog, top quality. Can you do some head cannon of Danse plz cuz I love dat tin can man with da stickers on his ass😂. If u can NSFW. Thx once more. Love u😘

Here we go my lovely, hope this is what you were after. Enjoy <3

First Meeting/Pre-romanced

  • His first name is something very traditional- Johnathon, or Alexandra, or Wilson, and he gets embarrassed when Sole first finds out. Sole loves to take the mick out of his name, and Danse doesn’t like to admit it, but he does get a bit hurt over it.
  • His first name is something very traditional- Johnathon, or Alexandra, or Wilson, and he gets embarrassed when Sole first finds out. Sole loves to take the mick out of his name, and Danse doesn’t like to admit it, but he does get a bit hurt over it.
  • Absolute Brotherhood TRASH. Lives for the brotherhood. Breathes for the brotherhood. Sole thinks it is very unhealthy, but you can’t convince him to calm it down any. After Blind Betrayal, he still finds himself defending the actions of the Brotherhood- however he slowly begins to leave the Brotherhood behind.
  • Has a thing for fancy lads- you can bribe him to do anything for a packet of fancy lads. If he could eat fancy lad’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner he would.
  • Has a soft spot for Haylen- she fancies Rhys so wouldn’t consider Danse, however she has told him that in another life they might have been together.  
  • Hated the thought of some wastelander helping out the brotherhood, however he couldn’t help but admit that having Sole about as an extra gun was better than facing the synths alone.
  • Part of Danse’s post-traumatic stress disorder means that he gets pretty bad anxiety and insomnia- so he rarely sleeps, and if he ever does then he wakes up in cold sweats- or sometimes even tears.
  • Danse likes some of the more tame animals throughout the Commonwealth. He loves dogmeat. And the little cats that Sole *somehow* keeps getting into the settlements. So much so that he has one that is his- a little kitten that likes to settle itself down in his power armour- not that he’d let anyone know that- especially not Sole.
  • Danse loves the Atom Cats- loves them. Like, had he grown up in the Commonwealth, he knows that he would have ended up with them.


  • Doesn’t like sharing a bed with people- he’s not sure if it’s because he isn’t used to not sharing it with people or because everyone he’s shared a bed with has ended up leaving him or dead. When Sole suggests that they start sharing a bed together, he’s very reluctant. But the idea begins to grow on him.
  • Really wants to have children- something he never realised until he met female! Sole. Couldn’t imagine anything better. A little Danse running around, his hair and Sole’s eyes. A miniature Sole running around- hell, she’d be Danse’s princess. He basically watched that crash and burn the minute he found out that he was a synth.
  • Was shocked the second Sole told him that she was pregnant with his child.
  • Likes to be very romantic- but he gets very embarrassed about it- and is also quiet bad at being romantic. Likes to try to cook for Sole- very not good at cooking and nearly burns the house down. Likes to pick flowers, ends up picking the ones that are poisonous.
  • Loves kissing- sweet soft kisses that made him feel like his stomach was full of butterflies. Rough kisses- teeth clashing, bruised lips. Liked to keep it a secret from people- everyone apart from Sole.


  • Like his kisses, Danse likes rough sex and slow sex- and all sorts of sex. Rough hard sex against walls and desks. Soft slow sex in bed. Exciting sex- new positions and things he’s never tried before- like anal.
  • Love’s oral sex. Loves it being performed on him, but loves performing it on his partner more. Loves the little noises it brings out of them. Loves the way they shiver and writhe underneath him. 
  • Never had sex out in the Commonwealth until Sole came around. Pretends he HATES it but actually LOVES it. Tries to subtly convince Sole to have sex in the Commonwealth, and Sole ‘goes along with it’.

Blind Betrayal

  • During Blind Betrayal, Danse thought about ending his life several times- but Sole would come to his mind. And Hayden. And Culter. And all he had to live for. And that made it a little better for him.
  • After Blind Betrayal, he and Preston became slow friends. Preston would try and rid Danse of his brotherhood prejudices. Danse would assist Preston with battle training, ensuring the Minutemen were a force to be reckoned with.
  • Enjoys helping build things around the settlements- it gives him something to do, something to keep his hands busy with. He built Dogmeat a new doghouse. Built a little shelter for his little kitten.

Patrick Wilson, Richard Dreyfuss, Penelope Mitchell, Mora Stephens, Alexandra Breckenridge, Dianna Agron and Christopher McDonald of ‘Zipper’ pose for a portrait at the Village at the Lift Presented by McDonald’s McCafe during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.