alexandra underhill

The Lion and the Bear

Artist: twotimesawesome (art here c:)

Beta: bananasinthesunshine

Word count: ~7.3k

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: death, abuse, homophobia, violence, blood, animal abuse

Summary: Each individual is assigned a spirit animal at age 15 which they will be reincarnated as after they die. Dan Howell’s spirit is a bear, and his best friend/boyfriend Phil’s is a lion. The pair have been planning to get married since they were children, but life doesn’t always go as planned. The betrothal of those with different animal spirits is so illegal that even the mention of such an act could get you arrested. Because of their relationship, they face not only homophobia, but also the threat of detainment or even death. However, the law is such for a reason, as Dan and Phil soon discover.

Author’s Note: so this is my fic for the phandom big bang yay! c: pls be kind friends this is also like one of the first fics i’ve ever written okokok thank you i hope you enjoy! ^u^ 


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